The Eyes Have It — Eye Gazing And Its Effects On Our Communication

The Eyes Have It — Eye Gazing And Its Effects On Our Communication

Eye gazing represents probably the most potent practice in the world, as it permits you to experience a more profound connection with yourself and other people. A lot of people had indescribable and unbelievable experiences while they were eye gazing, like seeing past lives, auras, or some other incredible images. Simply by looking into the eyes of another person, we can discover something more about ourselves or humanity in general, and the role we have as spiritual beings.

However, you are probably wondering what causes you to experience such intense visions and feelings by doing eye gazing? Or, why verbal communication becomes hard when you establish eye contact with someone? Some scientists from the University of Kyoto decided to research and study this phenomenon that grows every day.

How is eye gazing defined?

Eye gazing is defined as the practice of looking into the eyes of another person. We could actually gaze into stranger’s eyes, a member of our family, our romantic partner, or an animal. Our eyes are said to be the mirror of our souls, which means that they are used as the tool which enables us to take a look into the spiritual world. While we are looking into the eyes of another person, it will be common for us to experience some intense visions and see some non-physical matters like auras.

According to one psychologist from Italy, named Giovanni Caputo, eye gazing can induce a drug-free alerted state of consciousness. One of the explanations for such experiences could be a neural adaptation. The neurons have the ability to slow down or entirely stop their responses to constant stimulation. This often happens when we stare at something – our perception changes unless we blink or unless something within a particular scene changes. But, this doesn’t account for other more spiritual eye gazing aspects, some powerful feelings reported by people, or why they usually find it really hard.

How can eye gazing affect our communication?

A lot of people in the world find it hard to look into the eyes of someone else, particularly while they are conversing. Avoiding eye contact can usually be associated with fear of certain emotions, shyness, disrespect, or some other social and cultural constraints. Every day, we are looking at a lot of different things, so why it is hard for us to look in the eyes of someone else?

The scientists from the University of Kyoto in Japan have studied this particular subject by observing one group of participants starting at distinct faces. They were made to make eye contact or to look away while at the same time they were playing word association games.

They have been asked to recognize verbs connected with specific words; for instance, the word knife can be connected with stab or cut. When there was eye contact between the participants, they had more difficulties in finding the words, particularly when some harder word associations have been involved.

The study explained the following:

Although eye contact and verbal processing appear independent, people frequently avert their eyes from interlocutors during the conversation. This suggests that there is interference between these processes.

According to the study, in order to maintain eye contact, we have to make a cognitive effort, and it even discovered that eye contact is connected with mental thought or spoken word. So, when a person is looking away while he or she talks to us, we should ignore our ego by believing that it is rude; it may mean that the cognitive system of the person is overloaded.

Maybe that is why when we practice eye gazing, we don’t have to say any word. This non-verbal type of communication which takes place will be more powerful and efficient than spoken words so that it would be simply unneeded.

Maybe the first time we will practice eye gazing with our partner will be intense, but exploring eye gazing more and more will make us find out that each time, it deepens our spiritual connection first with ourselves, and then with others.

Maybe the awkwardness that the situation brings will dissipate only several moments while we look intently into each other’s eyes with some serious expressions on our faces. Later, we may feel a sense of peace and comfort while we are looking into the eyes of our partner.

If you are one of those individuals that have difficulties in establishing eye contact, you have to know that besides everything, you aren’t alone, and even that science has some explanations to justify this phenomenon.

But, you should not let this discomfort to discourage you and make you avoid practicing eye contact or eye gazing. You can try practicing this phenomenon on your own, by looking yourself in the mirror, when you feel uncomfortable with practicing it with your partner.

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