The Energies of the Cancer and Capricorn Eclipse Cycle Will Continue Representing in 2019 and 2020

The Energies of the Cancer and Capricorn Eclipse Cycle Will Continue Representing in 2019 and 2020

Eclipses are definitely some of the most important astrological events. Even though they occur a few times in a year, their energies can exist for months, usually triggering the lessons and themes of the soul journey.

In a lot of different ancient cultures, an Eclipse was seen as a bad sign and omen, and although that approach is not taken today, paying closer attention, we will have the ability to see those big changes which happen in our life during Eclipses.

Eclipses usually fall on Full or also New Moon. When happening during New Moons, those Eclipses are called Solar Eclipses, while happening during Full Moons, those Eclipses are called Lunar Eclipses.

Solar Eclipses are times of new opportunities and beginnings, while Lunar Eclipses are times of letting go and release. An Eclipse has the ability to magnify things, usually bringing undeniable events or changes in life.

An Eclipse may also exert the effects even one month prior to or one-month following, but they may act as the triggers, slowly unraveling a specific set of gifts and lessons over several months.

Eclipses will also bring destined events, or even help us get on the appropriate path. This means that when a big event occurs around the period of the Eclipse, it can usually be seen as something which was destined to happen.

They usually put us right where we are supposed to be, without even realizing that. Sometimes, this may be a challenging and scary thing, but an Eclipse will remind us of the existence of higher plans or reasons for each event which occurs in life.

Before coming into these bodies, our souls made some plans of what they needed or wanted to experience, or even what kind of lessons they want to master. Every one of us has all those memories of such plans buried somewhere deep inside us; however, but we cannot remember them fully, because that is going to spoil the adventure and fun.

Every one of us comes in this life having free will, or choice to decide on which path we want to walk. Such freedom permits us to master all those lessons and give us the chance to open ourselves to possibilities which are offered by the earthly dimension.

For example, we may get some clues of the soul map if we practice meditation or use our intuition, or even through some practices such as astrology. Knowing the plan of our soul is going to be very helpful, although it is not really necessary, because those answers we search for are in front of us, being gifted to every one of us in every day or strange occurrences.

An Eclipse is one of the occurrences which provide us with the chance to reach the more profound soul plan, and pay more attention what guides us. When we pay attention or turn within, we may understand where is the place we have to be, or what are the lessons we were fated to fulfill.

Sometimes we find it easy to hear all this and also believe that the souls want from us to learn the lessons, to live these abundant, grand lives which are usually free from any suffering and pain, but the souls often come here in order to experience different shades. Life cannot be escaped without suffering and pain. Also, it cannot be escaped without knowing love and laughter. Life is always about growing, learning and experiencing.

Every time an Eclipse occurs, it is a chance for every one of us to raise the consciousness and also pay more attention to energies everywhere around us.

The following round of Eclipses which we will experience falls into the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The first one of this cycle occurred on the 12thof July, 2018, but the energies of it come to represent themselves in 2019, and they will continue into 2020 too.

The Eclipses from this cycle will happen in the following order:

  • The 25thof December, 2019, Capricorn Solar Eclipse;
  • The 10thof January, 2020, Cancer Lunar Eclipse;
  • The 20thof June, 2020, Cancer Solar Eclipse;
  • The 4thof July, 2020, Cancer Lunar Eclipse.

We should pay more attention to the dates from above in order to see what guidance or changes we will receive. We can also want to recall what happened in our life during the last Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer. This happened between 2009 and 2011.

Although every one of us is going to be affected in a different way, these are several of the themes which we should expect from the Eclipse cycle:

  • Focusing on the balance between the practical, earthy side and creative and intuitive side;
  • Creating balance within our work life and being forced to focus on the home or our work life;
  • Problems with partners and the need for healing relationships;
  • Receiving strong pushes on a career level, as of the powerful, goal-oriented energies which we may use in order to get the things done;
  • Feel the need for getting more grounded or taking responsibility for directions in life;
  • Learning how we can balance emotions in healthy ways. Healing mental health and emotional imbalances can be the theme too;
  • Focusing on power, money, baking, and the government is also possible, particularly under the Eclipses in Capricorn;
  • Creative projects or businesses are probable to blossom and experience innovation too.

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