The Disappearance of an Ancient Technological Society

The Disappearance of an Ancient Technological Society

By: David Carr

When observing the achievements of the ancient world it has become obvious that there are many unsolved mysteries and questions involving numerous feats. One primary issue in consideration is the colossal stones and the ability to transport them from locations of up to hundreds of miles in distance. Although many have assumptions on how this was accomplished no one in our modern age has successfully demonstrated this feat without the aid of our modern heavy machinery.

Another mystery is the function of the pyramids in Egypt among many other monuments throughout the ancient world. Many believe the Egyptian pyramids were built as the final resting place of the dead Pharos for their afterlife. Although this may seem like a plausible explanation none of the pyramids contain or show any actual signs of the Pharos in question. Some of the more contemporary theories have explained a possible answer that these pyramids where used as machines or even power plants. Some ancient alien theorist believe they could have been used as a power grid for a wireless electrical source much like Nikola Tesla had claimed to discover or perhaps rediscover.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Contemplating the seven wonders from the ancient world many of these achievements cannot be explained with present-day beliefs and reasoning. Could this be a sign that the ancient world lived in an entirely different belief system which cannot be explained with today’s technology? It seems that their knowledge has gone astray while some is rediscovered as time goes on. Plumbing is an example of this. The ancient Romans had an advanced plumbing system that seemed to be lost during the dark ages but then rediscovered in our modern era.

The thought that the ancients were living in an advanced society compared to ours today is nothing new. This has been discussed and considered by many theorists and discoverers within written history. Even in ancient Greece Plato wrote about Atlantis a technical society before his time. Many today believe it’s possible that an advanced alien culture may have taught ancient man how to build these structures with the use of an unknown technology. This explanation solves much of the mystery but there is still one major question about this theory. What happened to this alien culture and why are they absent from our world today along with their technology?

With various UFO sightings and unexplained events it seems that if this alien existence where among us today why does our technology seem less advanced and why don’t they show us how to build these great monuments in our world today? Even if only a small percentage of the UFO sightings are authentic this would be evidence that an advanced society of alien life must exist elsewhere. How else would they be able to travel from other worlds without the coordination from years of research? The question still remains, why are they being elusive? Could it be that with our territorial disputes and our use of technology being centered on warlike behavior that we would pose a threat to a more advanced and mature society which travels from different worlds? Maybe they don’t want to show us their technology in fear that we’ll use it against them.

This raises more questions, why would they show ancient man how to adopt an advanced system and not us today? The thought that the ancient man mind-set would be less mature than we are in our modern world doesn’t seem to fit with the idea that ancient aliens would be willing to pass along their logic. Unless they were the ones actually using the technology while our modern race we see today were the ones who were living in caves and making spears out of stones.

With the idea of two separate races of man, advanced groups from outside of this world while at the same time a natural species living without technology, could this answer some of these mysteries? While this is only speculation many believe an advanced society roamed the Earth over 12,000 years ago. There always seems to be gaps and unanswered questions about our past. How could there be man hunting on the plains with primitive spears while at the same time an advanced society such as Atlantis exist during the same time period. If we look at our world today this very thing is in existence. Take a look at the natives in the Brazilian rainforest for instance. They exist at the same time we are using smart phones and launching satellites into Earth’s orbit. If explorers in the distant future were to discover these two separate worlds would they be able to piece together our history with accuracy?

The Antikythera Mechanism of Ancient Greece.

When looking into our ancient past this same scenario can be observed. While the ancient Romans where using their technology to build aqueducts and coliseums barbarians lived in other parts of what is now modern day Europe. Could these barbarians be the naturally born species of man created from this Earth while the ancient Romans were using knowledge left from an advanced society that was fading out? Maybe the Romans were using leftover knowledge from an alien society such as Atlantis. When observing each part of our world there is signs of lost cultures and many unanswered questions about them. How did the ancients create objects such as the Antikythera mechanism from ancient Greece without a long period of discoveries and research as we do today? How and why did this knowledge disappear? Many believe there was an entire society that existed before the last ice age. Could the ice age be evidence of a worldwide cataclysm that destroyed the alien society and caused mass extinction of many species? Even the legends of Atlantis have interpreted a cataclysmic ending. All of this can only be declared as speculation because there are no true signs of Atlantis but there are many underwater sites throughout our planet that are unexplained. Could these sites be the remnants of an entire world that once existed as some believe?

This all comes back to the original question. If there was an alien existence deep in our past what happened to them and why would they show their presence in our modern world without colonizing or taking over our planet? There is one theory that can explain all of these mysteries.

Many ancient alien theorists believe there was a power grid similar to the idea that Nikola Tesla discovered using the ionosphere as a connection to other wireless plants. It is believed that the great pyramid along with the numerous obelisks where used as part of this ancient power grid. Could this be the reason many ancient sites are on a global grid? Suppose this was true and the only reason we today can’t use this type of system is because of the weakening magnetic field. It has been proven over the past century that the Earth’s magnetic field is growing weaker as time passes on. At the pace it has weakened imagine its strength 12,000 years ago. Could a global disaster or perhaps a manmade disaster triggered from the over use of this power source cause the weakening of the magnetic field? This would explain why the aliens would leave this planet in search of a stronger energy source elsewhere. We today produce electricity with the use of magnets with a stronger magnetic field could it be easier to harness a more powerful energy source enough to power the global power grid which is believed to exist? This would also explain why aliens wouldn’t invade our planet or colonize while in search of a better energy source. In our modern world today wars are fought over resources needed to power our modern day machines. Could these types of resources be primitive in comparison to the energy that can be harnessed using a stronger magnetic field? Another possibility, could the use of electricity in our modern world cause this weakening to accelerate?

Although this may be speculation is it possible this is part of the whole plan for mankind and it would take an industrial revolution in order to harness this technology today which would be much easier in the past with a stronger magnetic field? This could explain the UFO sightings as being a race of man from a different planet which has advanced to the point where they can use this type of energy with the help of machinery. Maybe we must mature and advance on our own without the help of aliens in order to earn our respect in the universe. Maybe we must earn the right to colonize on a distant world which can provide the energy source needed to use this advance technology on a global scale.

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