The Correlation Between Anxiety and Verbal Abuse That No One Talks About

The Correlation Between Anxiety and Verbal Abuse That No One Talks About

The long-term mental abuse and anxiety are very closely related and are almost the same. When a person goes through a great deal of trauma and stress, over time, he or she is going to develop a mental disorder, and the most common one is anxiety.

There is disgrace concerning verbal abuse, so a lot of people see that as something that is appropriate to do.

But, you have to be aware that yelling, insulting, as well as disrespecting a person can lead to harm to that person that is being affected. We can say that verbal abuse is as harmful as the physical one.

Verbal abuse – the most common and worst form of abuse.

When talking about verbal abuse, we are talking about real-life abuse, as well as cyberbullying. Each of the two forms is damaging, and science says that it affects both of the hemispheres of our brain.

When someone was verbally abused when he or she was a child, it resulted in many issues.

Verbal abuse is quite the same as the mental one.

When someone is abused, the emotional state verbally of that person is affected, and that harms their self-esteem, so this means that the mental and verbal abuse is the same thing. Unfortunately, such traumas can have a permanent negative effect on the overall mental health of a person, and this is a thing that no one would like to experience.

If you already experienced it, you are aware of the fact that it can completely influence your life, as well as interfere with your relationships or with your work too. Here are some of the symptoms you should be aware of, and noticing them in other people means you should help them.

Short-term symptoms:

  • Overthinking;
  • Low self-confidence, as well as lack of enthusiasm;
  • Not being able to make decisions.

Long-term symptoms:

  • Anxiety;
  • PTSD;
  • Depression;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Suicide;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Migraines.

How can we notice verbal abuse?

1. Somewhere when no one can even see.

A lot of people are being abused somewhere when no one can see. For example, this may occur at home, work, or even school. Thinking that people cannot see and know, abusers choose such places in order to abuse others. And this can also lead to some serious trauma or harm to the health of the person.

2. Never appreciate others’ actions.

Those that are abusers never appreciate what other people do. They never think that no matter what a person does, it is good enough. Also, when a person is abused in this way, he or she will feel empty, and without a purpose in their life too.

3. Calling the person various names.

Abusive people usually utilize name calling to manipulate with others and give them some orders. Just like the other forms of abuses, this is also a harmful form of abuse.

4. Making others feeling bad.

These people are true mood killers as when they see that someone feels good, and they lose their control, they will choose that moment of happiness of the person to make him, or she feels bad again. They often feed off of the unhappiness of other people.

So, if you have someone in your life like this, you will have to be very careful and never let him, or her achieve their goal to hurt you.

5. Attack the interests of others.

Abusers often attack the interests, hobbies, as well as other things other people like. When a person experiences such kind of attack, he or she will start thinking they are not good enough, and they will also feel worthless, so they may end up lying about that things.

6. They are always right.

Unluckily, abusers will never apologize or also admit that they did something wrong or bad. They believe that they are the best and that they are the ones that are always right.

7. Isolating from society.

Those people that experienced some form of abuse often avoid social situation so they will protect themselves from abuse. When they are around others, they feel anxious, unsafe and uncomfortable. The main reason for this problem is their low self-confidence.

You have to talk to him or her and ask them about their feelings. Also, you are going to make a huge difference when you notice someone with such a problem and talk to him or her. You can be quite helpful.

8. Blaming other people.

Those who abuse, tend to blame other people for everything they did. So, the person that experienced some form of abuse starts thinking he or she is worthless, as well as not good enough. This can cause serious damage to their health.

9. Joking about something without permission.

Even though making some jokes about the expense of someone looks like something funny, it has to be done with the permission and consent of the other person. Otherwise, it can end up in hurting the person, and he or she will feel worthless and frustrated too.

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