The Art of Grounding

The Art of Grounding

Grounding is the ability to be fully present in the moment through mindfulness meditation. It’s having control of your mental and emotional being and a deeper connection to your true self. It’s a state of mind and is often compared to the similar action of earthing, which is the physical connection of the body to the surface of the Earth. Both of these techniques are associated with a number of health benefits, such as reduced pain, improved sleep hygiene, and a greater sense of calm and balance. 

The way we allow the environment to support or shape us has a huge impact on how grounded we are. After all, we cannot control the motions and actions of all that surrounds us; we can only control ourselves. Perfecting the art of grounding doesn’t mean there won’t be stressful days or chaotic times. It means you have a way of harnessing your energy to react in focused, intentional and healing ways. 

It requires spiritual practice and heightened self-awareness to appreciate and experience the benefits of grounding. It can be shaped through various techniques and exercises, such as mindful breathing, body scans, and daily meditation and moments of gratitude.

Focus on Mindful Breathing

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “take a deep breath,” there’s power in that instruction. When stressors are activated, the blood pressure starts to rise and other physical symptoms appear, such as sweating, eye twitching, shaking, and other visible reactions based on the level of stress being experienced. Mindful breathing brings your focus back to the moment as you regain control over your emotions, which is part of the healing process. 

To implement easy grounding techniques, find a quiet spot in nature as an added benefit of receiving energy from the Earth. Close your eyes and inhale for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and exhale for three seconds. Repeat this pattern to recenter your focus and shift your emotions away from the situation at hand. It centers your body and mind to the present moment and redirects your thoughts and actions in a way that is more productive and healthy for you. 

Perform a Mental Body Scan 

Tap into how you feel from head to toe by performing a mental body scan. Are there any areas of pain or discomfort? Many times when we aren’t in touch with our senses, it can result in uncommon and/or negative reactions. These are times when it feels like things are happening to us versus for us or around us. A body scan can be done during a yoga session or meditation or it can be a quick check-in with yourself if you’re faced with an uncomfortable situation and your emotions are heightened. 

Always listen to your intuition if something feels out of balance. Reiki is one method that can help with healing based on changes in your body’s energy. A Reiki therapist can also talk with you about areas of the body that are blocked and uncover what may be the root cause of those problems in order to restore balance within the body. 

Practice Meditation and Gratitude

An effective way to stay grounded is through daily meditation and thoughts of gratitude. It involves taking at least a few moments of mindful awareness. Write or say aloud the things you are grateful for. In meditation practices, some people find it meaningful to set an intention to give them a central theme or thought to focus on. By starting your day with a clear mind and calm state of being, it sets the tone in a positive way. 

As your day progresses, try to come back to the present moment as much as possible. When you feel your energy shift, close your eyes and take into account the sounds, smells, and sights you’re experiencing. Breaking situations down into detail can diffuse stress reactions and give you insight into why you want to react in a certain way. It allows you to become more in tune with your authentic self and support your inner growth.

Coming Back to Center

The art of grounding is about finding your way back to center. It doesn’t mean a perpetual state of serenity or lack of emotion. It is a way to be calm while finding balance when challenges veer you off course and it helps to improve your relationship with yourself and with others. Grounding techniques give you the foundation to act with intention and avoid letting negativity to weigh you down. Through exercises like mindful breathing, energy healing, and daily gratitude reflections, these can all empower you to achieve a better sense of balance.

Through the connectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, once you have your mind in a blissful state, your physical health and spiritual wellness will begin to align as well. You’ll feel whole from the inside out. Rather than feeling caught up in the Chaos Of Your Environment, you will experience life in the now more joyfully and with greater purpose.