The Ancient Way To Stay Balanced

The Ancient Way To Stay Balanced


Feeling meh? Watch out, your Chakras may be out of sync.

This ancients believed that the chakras are the incredible energy of the universe found within us. We have 7 Main Chakras, each one corresponds to major organs and is also connected to our emotional and spiritual being.

Ancient Vedic knowledge says that it is necessary that we keep this open to keep a steady flow of energy, otherwise we may encounter some health, emotional or spiritual problems along the way. So if you’re feeling down, lousy or uncaring, your Chakras may be blocked and it’s time to get back to balance.

The ancients trusted stones to hold energetic wisdom. The Tiger’s Eye is a stone known to ground the solar energy into the earth which helps support our balance, vitality and spirituality. Moreover, the tiger is also considered as the king of beasts in eastern mythology, thus, Egyptians commonly choose the Tiger’s Eye stone as eyes to statues of their deities and Roman soldiers carried it as a talisman to deflect weapons and boost their bravery.  

Tiger’s Eye and the Chakras

It is said that the Tiger’s Eye stone is closely linked to the Throat and the Third Eye Chakra.

Also known as Hawk’s Eye or Falcon’s Eye, this stone is seen as the most authoritative of the eye stones. Tiger’s Eye is also known to be a stone of intuition and insight that protects one from malice and jealousy and is also very effective in warding off nightmares.

The Throat Chakra is responsible for expressing our voice, originality and authenticity. It gives us freedom to speak our truths and encourages us to explore knowledge and find a deeper meaning to things and occurrences.

The Third Eye Chakra on the other hand creates insight about the subtler qualities of reality. It gives us the wisdom to see and perceive far more than what is shown on the surface and encourages us to be intuitive, so we can see beyond the worldly illusions and distractions that is set upon us.

Plus, the metaphysical properties of the Tiger’s Eye supports our sensory gifts to serve as our spiritual compass to navigate through life’s harsh waters as we set sail for our goals.

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