The 8 Cycles of The Moon

The 8 Cycles of The Moon

“Sometimes, like the moon, you have to go through phases whether you like it or not.” - Marie Trupia

Are you a “Moon” person?

There are two contrasting types of humans. Those who are guided by the Moon, and people who have no idea they are guided by the Moon.

The Moon has captivated humans since the beginning of times. There is something supernatural about the way she glows, about the way she transforms shape every day, about the clockwise accuracy of her cycles.

Every night, a different amount of light is exuded by the Moon according to its changing connection with the Sun. Within an estimated 28-day cycle, the Moon passes through 8 cycles, each cycle lasting about 3.5 days.

Symbolism of the 8 Moon Cycles:

  • Waning Gibbous Moon - Introspect. Turn inwards, think about your goals, and be grateful.
  • New Moon - New beginnings. It’s time for a clean slate, start to gather your thoughts and plan.
  • Waxing Crescent Moon - Set intentions. Send your hopes and desires in the world.
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon - Refine and hone. Observe and align your hopes with the Universe. Momentum is building.
  • Full Moon - Harvest endeavors. A time to harvest the intentions and wishes of past moons.
  • First Quarter Moon - Take action. When you face obstacles, do not waver. It’s a time for pushing forward.
  • Third Quarter Moon - Release and let go. Let go of the habits that bind you and do you harm.
  • Waning Crescent Moon - Surrender. Recuperate and rest. It is okay to feel empty sometimes.

The Moon illustrates our moods, but also the inherent processes of life. Moon cycles are alike, in contrast to the cycles of Mercury, Venus or other planets. Also, the Moon is never retrograde - that’s why the Moon is very unsurprising. With the Moon, you know where you stand.

It also powers our energy and commitment level. When it’s not visible in the sky, our energy drops, but as it get bigger in size, our energy levels ascends. Every month we have our energy prime at the time of the Full Moon.

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