Tapping Into Healing

This article first appeared in mindbodygreen.com and is written by Ann Shepherd
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Many people believe that the harnessing the power of thought, specifically positive thinking, is the key to a successful life (whatever ‘success’ may mean). But really, what makes a thought positive… or for that matter, negative? A thought is simply a thought; it just…IS, isn’t it?

The “good” or “bad” label is an opinion. The “positive” or “negative” is merely the energy behind the thought, the emotion that powers it.

Hold a thought. A good one is “I am beautiful”.

What happens in that instant? Do you react with an expansive smile or an inward flinch? That instinctive, reflexive response is the true energy behind the thought. Remember The Secret? Your life is a reflection of the energy you send out…not the words…the emotion behind them. If you’re flinching…it’s a restrictive, tightness that doesn’t allow abundance to flow.

Emotional responses are signposts telling us if we’re headed in the right or wrong direction. Happiness feels good, keeps us wanting more – energy is flowing and moving us along our path.

Anger, sadness, depression, frustration stop us in our tracks. Energy is blocked – we’re resisting life and our experiences – we can’t move on. And guess what? It’s not BAD – it’s an opportunity to heal.

Our body and emotions tell us when we have a problem and it’s up to us to recognize it, accept it and then, let it go.

Like yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘tapping’ is a powerful, simple and effective way of moving blocked emotion, releasing energy and moving on with life. Based on the ancient Chinese wisdom of energy meridians, EFT is an acupressure technique of gently tapping on specific areas on the face and torso to prompt relaxation. With relaxation, comes release. With release, comes healing.

Tapping allows us to retrain our conditioned responses to stressors in our life. When we respond differently we can make different choices. The pattern of being stuck has been broken.

There are very few things we can truly control in life – the most important one may be how we react to it. Start to take control of your reactions and emotional responses with Tapping. It’s as easy as tap, tap, tap.

Interested? Here are three ways to get get started:

  1. Take 5 minutes to learn the basics of how to tap – the set up phrase and the tapping points. There are a lot of guides out there – just do a Google or Youtube search for “EFT Tapping”
  2. Don’t worry about saying the right things, or messing anything up . There is no wrong way to do it. You don’t even need to say anything. In fact…
  3. Don’t think too much about it… FEEL it. When emotions are running high it’s the absolute best time to tap. Lean into the feeling. Don’t fight the anger…feel it, ALL of it….and tap.
Ann Shepherd is a successful communications and marketing specialist, wife and mother and founder of Tapping Emotional Freedom – a resource site for those looking to improve their lives.

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