More Amazing Techniques to Unlock Self-Realization

More Amazing Techniques to Unlock Self-Realization

In these videos, you’ll discover valuable information to use along your path to self-realization.

This is Level 4 Video 3 of the Project:Yourself Course:


In this video from the Project:Yourself course, Amish Shah talks about the 4th level of the Sri Yantra and its inner 14 triangles. This section of the sacred symbol is considered the “giver of all auspiciousness” and “provider of all prosperity.”

The 4th level of the Sri Yantra aligns your mind and body with the power of the 14 nadis(energy channels) of the nervous system that make up your body’s life force / prana—in order for you to create what you want.

This is Level 6 Video 4 of the Project Yourself Course:

Discover the hidden chakra, the talu, located at the base of your cerebral cortex. This chakra protects all your glands and your endocrine system. . . and is closely related to the third chakra / your solar plexus—which protects and guides your power, intuition, digestive health, and more! Learn how to activate your hidden talu chakra in this video.

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