Spiritual Cleaning For 2020 — Cleansing Ritual For The New Year

Spiritual Cleaning For 2020 — Cleansing Ritual For The New Year

It would be best if you began your new year with a clear mind and positive thoughts. 2019 may have filled us with negativity and evil thoughts and we should’ve cleaned ourselves before 2020, but it is never too late. You don’t want your negative energy to affect your decisions and ruin your plans in 2020, that is why you need cleaning.

As the astrologers say, 2020 will be ruled by the Sun. It means that we will be directly affected by the vital energy. We will gain leadership, trust, maturity, growth, and generosity. We can expect positive things to happen.

Another fact is that during 2020, we will have a lot of planetary conjunction of the cycle. Including even four planets, and that Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars.
The conjunctions of these planets will bring us a series of decisive transformations so that we should wake up our collective consciousness and make some paradigms, including our paths of life.

Start the new year with this spiritual cleaner

All of the transformations that are going to happen will affect us. Because of these influences, and others more, we need to charge our battery, and bear the changes. We present you a natural cleanser of the bad energy. Do this ritual during the last day of the year, or in the first week of 2020.



  • One white candle
  • A glass of water
  • One handful of coarse salt
  • Three incense sticks
  • One handful of rosemary
  • A container to burn incense and rosemary
  • One spiritual cleansing bath – we recommend rosemary/7 herbs


First, you must light the candle and require from your Guardian Anger to protect you.

Next, add the salt into the water. It will absorb the negative energy and will watch over your emotions.

Put the incense and rosemary in a can, and you need to light them up, both of them.

Place the can next to the front door.

Next, you need to turn clockwise in the whole of your house. When you are done, place the can next to the water and the candle.

Now, you must rest and relax for a couple of minutes.

Once you take your rest, prepare your bath. You need to boil one or two liters of water and put the cleansing dip in the liquid.

Strain the herbs, and leave it a little bit to cool.

Now, you should take a regular bath, and once you are done, spill the liquid from your neck so on.

This step will eliminate all the negative energy from you and your body. You shouldn’t rinse your body after this step, take it off with a towel.

When you are done with the shower, wait until the candle burns. After this, you can throw it together with the salted water. Furthermore, you need to pour water in the glass and coarse salt every day, during the next seven days.

The water will take all the negative energy from your house or your office so that you will have a clear mind during the whole year.

This beautiful hexagon crystal was charged by a Reiki master. You can wear to enhance your spiritual well-being, use it for divination, psychic healing enhancement, aura cleansing, inner journeying, and to release stuck energy and tension.

Happy New Year!