Set the Intention for Your Highest Purpose

Set the Intention for Your Highest Purpose

Here is a guided meditation on setting your intention. May you fulfill your highest purpose!


In my routine yoga practice, I usually set an intention each time. Sometimes it’s personal and may be about parenting, marriage, or simply about my own fears or desires. Or it has to do with business . . . with work and achieving something.

Other times I think of something that moved me, touched my heart.  But it may also pertain to the environment or something larger than myself or community.

Very recently, I set an intention about something different… it was actually about all my intentions that I put out on my yoga mat. I said, this is for being able to always take this feeling with me off my mat. Usually, when I set an intention and when I emerge from meditation, I feel a bliss like emotion that allows me to have clarity on what to do.

But quite often it’s hard to implement this in my busy life off my yoga mat. So I started also thinking of one step I could or need to take to follow that specific intention out. Even if it’s about for example, Mother Nature. What can I specifically do to be kinder to my earth?  And doing this hand in hand has helped me tremendously.

It’s why I created this guided meditation on intention setting to share with you. Enjoy!

With light and love,


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