Self-Care: It’s What We All Need

Self-Care: It’s What We All Need

Take the time you need for self-care. Here’s a guided meditation to get you started.



My day revolves around plenty of questions and needs.

Mommy where is my lunchbox?
Puj, where’s my dry cleaning?
Puja, can you complete the first series of guided meditations by tomorrow?
Miss Puja, we need yoga mats in room 10.
Dr. Shah, can we get on a call with the clinic in Uganda?

Between work and home, I wear many hats that serve the people I love. My family, my students, our clients and even my non-profit work.

And when you do what you love, it’s hard to stop or say no when exhaustion settles in, and sometimes you can’t really stop, (you know what I mean if you have kids also).

We recently moved homes and one morning I took a moment and closed my eyes for a quick meditation before jumping to unpack the piled boxes before me.

Puja, what do you need?

It was different, hearing my own inner voice ask myself this.

But I want you to try it. Right now, go ahead. Close your eyes and ask yourself, in third person, what you need.

That morning I needed to practice yoga, so I did. I cleared my schedule and when I had a moment alone from the kids, instead of doing everything I normally would say I needed to do, I practiced for an hour and let my body soak into the flow she asked for. I let my mind settle into the quietness of me. And into self-care.

Self-care is something we don’t always see as a necessity on this journey but it is so needed.

I hope you enjoy this short meditation with words that inspire the process of self-care.

With Love & Light,

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