Removing Negative Energy Using 7 Simple Tools

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Do you ever feel like you’re a magnet for attracting negative energy or people? The bugs are attracted to the light, and if you’re the light, then you’re probably taking on and absorbing energies around you. It’s important to learn techniques on how to dissolve, transmute and release these energies, as they can affect your health and quality of life.

Here are some simple tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine to cleanse and purify yourself from any negativity.

1. Smudge your space.

Smudging is an ancient practice or ritual where you burn dried sage or other dried herbs to cleanse a person or area. With sage, sandalwood, mugwort, or other dried herbs in hand, simply light a small corner of the herb and blow it out. It is best to have it in a holder of some kind so that the ash stays intact. I like to use a large clam shell, but a plate will do just fine.

Go around the area that needs cleansing and let the smoke get to every corner of the room. It is always wise to have a window open while smudging so that the negative energy has somewhere to escape. If you or someone else is in need of clearing, then let the smoke circulate your body from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet.

2. Ring bells or wind chimes.

The ringing of bells or wind chimes is a common feng shui tool that literally vibrates the negative energies into alignment, creating a positive flow, or chi. A simple way to clear any stagnant or negative energy in your home is to ring a handheld bell throughout your house, or where a negative situation or argument happened.

I keep a bell at the bottom of my stairs in my house that I ring almost every day to encourage and maintain the flow of the house. There are also meditative yoga chimes (om tingsha bells) and singing bowls that are great for clearing and aligning your chakras, and symbolizing a shift in energy; they’re often used in Tibetan ceremonies and meditations.

3. Take salt water baths to purify and dissipate negative energy.

A healing soak also helps remove built up lactic acid, bringing relief to sore muscles and further aiding in relaxation to help release stress and negativity. Get a handful of unprocessed sea salt — Himalayan or Celtic; don’t use table salt — and pour into a hot bath. I suggest setting an intention while you’re soaking to release all negativity and enhance the cleansing of your body and aura.

4. Find the right crystal for you.

You can wear crystals as jewelry or keep one in your pocket, purse or home. There are several types of crystals to choose from, each serving a different purpose and carrying unique healing properties. However, when choosing the crystal right for you, let your instinct guide you and you’ll naturally gravitate toward the one you need.

5. Cut the cords to the past.

Imagine a cord coming from your solar plexus, attached to everyone you’ve ever known. Have you ever noticed that once you’ve started to move on from a relationship that no longer served you, you receive a call or contact from that person? I always say they must have felt their cord retracting.

We all unconsciously carry these negative cords from past relationships and experiences that could be weighing us down and preventing us from moving forward. One way to release them is to visualize your cords retracting back into your body, and with each cord you slowly begin to gain your power back.

Another tool is to visually cut the cords associated with negativity. If you’re a visual person, then make the motion of actually cutting the cords with your hands in the shape of scissors.

6. Visualize a protective energy field around you.

Protect yourself from even being a victim of negative energy to begin with by surrounding yourself with a white light or imaginary bubble each day. I like to imagine a force field around my entire body, and when I’m with loved ones I encompass them too. Another tool is to imagine you’re surrounded by mirrors facing outward so you don’t absorb anything and instead everything is reflected back out.

7. Incorporate essential oils into your routine.

Essential oils have been used since ancient times to help release negative energy and promote positivity. Essential oils have the power to transform a current mood and bring you to a different, positive state of mind. There are hundreds to choose from, so let your spirit guide you as to which ones are best for you.

Jesse Golden is a single Mother, Model, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Health Counselor and women living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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