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Project:Yourself Videos from the Archives

by Amish Shah

Project:Yourself Videos from the Archives

 In this video from the Project:Yourself Coursearchives, you will be guided to enjoy a peaceful repose from your busy day. Let life flow through you as you restore your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. As you clear and activate these channels within your body you will be creating the space needed to bring in auspiciousness and prosperity—one more step in the path to creating your new reality. 

This is Level 4 Video 1 of the Project Yourself Course.

In this second video, learn how to tap into your kundalini energy with a thousand year old exercise known as spiral breathing!
This is Level 3 Video 11 of the Project Yourself Course.

In this next video, you will learn how tapping into your heart and listening to it can lead you to your destiny. While you concentrate on love and what you really enjoy doing, tap into your heart center.


This is Level 4 Video 9 of the Project Yourself Course:

Ego can either be seen as having “healthy confidence” . . . or perceived as being egotistical or self-centered. Having a negative ego can lead to obstacles, but if you have a positive ego, it can lead to success and freedom. Our mindset is responsible for the way we see the world. Learn techniques to lose the nuisance of the ego in your mind and start creating a better healthy life! 

Quite simply, your ego rules! And if you’re not careful, it can rule YOU.There’s nothing wrong with having ego… just make sure it’s your GOOD ego. This is not about being conceited; it’s about having a healthy confidence in yourself and your actions so that you can achieve a greater good.

Discover the difference, and learn which one is your real ego when you view this video!

In this next video from Level I of the Project:Yourself Course, you will learn how to access the energy from your body and the earth to fully maximize the potential in your life. By taking the energy form your body you can use it to manipulate the world around you in positive ways! Understanding how to balance your root chakra will empower you to tap into your own core and the raw energy of earth itself.
Discover how to build courage, vitality, and freedom by using your root chakra as a foundation.

We all feel unfocused sometimes. We worry about things and forget our goals. This video will guide you to focus your mind on the present moment. It’s important to get your mind into “the present” so that you can fully access your inner power. Although understanding your past can help you to appreciate the present, “holding on” it will never serve you. It’s time to unstick yourself from your past or it will define you and mark every step you take from now on.

This is Level 1 Video 5 of the Project Yourself Course. Check it out and learn more about how to change your life for the better and unleash your maximum potential!

In this next video from the Project Yourself course, you will learn how to use the Sri Yantra, the most perfect geometric pattern you can use to harness your potential and live an amazing life!

Jumpstart the process of connecting with your inner self through (based on the geometrical Sri Yantra’s first layer: the portals and the rings). Check out how to use sacred geometry and Sri Yantra to maximize your reality bending powers.

Here is Level 1 Video 3. Enjoy exploring the power of this sacred symbol! 


 Here’s to Ruling Your Reality!

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Amish Shah

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