Psilocybin in Magic Mushrooms Can "Reset" Depressed Brain

Psilocybin in Magic Mushrooms Can "Reset" Depressed Brain

These mushrooms are full of hallucinogen ingredient which is capable of rejuvenating the brain cells.

This ingredient will help people who struggle with untreatable depression by raising hopes of future treatment.

There was one survey made, including 19 patients, who were given a dose of psychedelic ingredient psilocybin.

One half from the included were depressed and had some changes in the activity in the brain, which were active in 5 weeks.
But, you should never take this kind of remedy at home, by yourself.

The ingredient psilocybin acts like a lubricant for the mind, which people can consume it during the depression. But the real activities which it makes on the brain is not even known.

So, for this purpose, people did another survey, with a scan on the brain before the usage of the product, and after a day when they used the product, basically when they are sober.

The results presented us that psilocybin influences 2 zones of the brain.

The amygdala – is the part which provides us different accepting of emotion like fear and anxiety. Now they will become more passive. The bigger the reduction is, the better the improvement in reported symptoms is.

  1. The default – mode network- the connection in the way of collaboration between the different brain areas, is better when the people have taken psilocybin.
  2. According to Dr. Robin Carthart-Haris, depression can be lowered, and all this can be done by consuming psychedelic.

When he was giving the BBC an interview, he explained that the involved patients were entirely ready for the analysis.

They were able to confess that they were reset, reborn, and also rebooted.

All in all, these were all small studies.

Professor, Mitul Mehta, employed in the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, explained that this ingredient is very impressive; how psilocybin can make such a change on our brain with only one single dose.

This is the proof that needs to stimulate scientists to make an extensive research on the usage of this fantastic ingredient, and finally, we can have cure and remedy for the plaque of the 21 century - depression.

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