5 Priceless Nuggets Of Enlightened Wealth Wisdom Your Financial Advisor Would Never Dare Tell You

5 Priceless Nuggets Of Enlightened Wealth Wisdom Your Financial Advisor Would Never Dare Tell You

We dived deep into YouTube, and fished out some of the most unusual, genuinely life-changing (and at times controversial) pieces of wealth advice from today’s most respected conscious leaders.

The pursuit of wealth is a polarizing subject.

Ask a detached spiritual type, and they’ll tell you society’s hunger for one upmanship – and for quick fixes to fill our voids – has left us trading what’s really important… for a soul-sapping mental slideshow of mansions, Ferraris and jacuzzis.

But ask someone else? And they’ll point out how wealth empowers you to not only savor the sweetness of life – but to also pass on that sweetness to your loved ones, community, and planet.

The truth, as is often the case, is somewhere in the middle. But how many of us realize that truth… let alone how to attract more of the good kind of wealth into our lives?

We searched one of modern society’s greatest sources of wisdom (YouTube) and found some fascinating answers…

5. Conversations With God bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch on how to really manifest abundance (and why The Secret was “the saddest thing” he ever saw in his life):

4. Meditation-lovin’ rap mogul Russell Simmons on the ONE THING you must do to manifest a cycle of self-perpetuating success (and why many of his rich friends are miserable):

3. Law of Attraction speaker Esther Hicks on why your vibrations are sabotaging the wealth you were born to have (warning: DEEP but 100% worth-it wisdom ahead):


2. Spirituality icon Eckhart Tolle on how to align your pursuit of wealth AND spiritual awakening (he talks slowly, but that’s because every word is gold):

1. Visionary biologist Bruce Lipton on the specific molecules in your body that hold the key to attracting wealth on demand (scientifically, this makes PERFECT sense):

When you think about it, all these leaders are really just showing us different pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle…

And here’s what the big picture spells out:

There is NOTHING wrong with pursuing wealth and material success…

As long as that journey also supports your spiritual and emotional success.

So work on what you love. Enjoy the rewards. And don’t lose sight of what really matters.

Your turn: what’s the first thing you’d do if you woke up tomorrow morning with a 7-figure bank account?