How to Practice Self-Care in 5 Simple Ways

How to Practice Self-Care in 5 Simple Ways

The best way to practice self-care is to implement habits that benefit your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Make it a point to practice self-care on a regular, daily basis—even if it’s only for ten minutes of guided meditation.

When you regularly include love, attention, and care to your own body, mind, and soul, you begin to notice how good you feel. . . and how much more energy you have to give to others!

1. Self-love

Every part of you is important, unique, and worthy of love. When you give yourself unconditional love, you find yourself recognizing people who don’t give you the full acceptance you deserve, which makes it easier to clean out the interpersonal clutter.

2. Balance

Simplify your schedule to create more balance.This is essential to maintaining holistic self-care. Energize your body, nourish your spirit, and enlighten your mind as you focus on all aspects of your life . . . creating a sustainable work-play-relax balance.

3. Self-respect

This is so crucial to self-care because it protects you from settling for less when you deserve the best. Pay attention to how you view yourself and how you allow others to treat you, honor your values, and set your boundaries.

4. Acknowledgement

This is a big part of taking care of yourself. Life is too short to waste your energy by allocating resources into goals that are not truly your own. Caring for ourselves means remaining authentic and recognizing our true passions. Don’t get sucked into maintaining a certain career path just because society says it’s the right one for you . . . Acknowledge your strengths and passionate desires.

5. Mindfulness

Mindlessness is exacerbated by our fast-paced, technologically advanced society. We are so absorbed in the media and the buzz of our phone that we forget to appreciate the everyday, simple pleasures that come our way.

We miss the singing birds, the colors of the sky during a sunset, the warmth of our beloved’s smile, the delicious food in front of us — these are all things we should be mindfully enjoying in a perpetual state of gratitude.

We challenge you to take at least a couple of hours each day where you release yourself from time constraints and immerse yourself in the wonders of being present and mindful of all that is happening within and around you.

Reward yourself with the gift of spending time doing what you want to do . . . because you want to do it.