How to Create the Powerful Sound of the Universe

How to Create the Powerful Sound of the Universe

In this video, you’ll tap into one of the most powerful forces in the Universe—the power of OM/AUM. AUM literally represents all of creation.

The sound AUM/OM is believed to be the basic, primordial sound of the Universe and to contain all other sounds.

It is an all-vibrating word that is said to have originated at the time of the creation of the cosmos—or the “Big Bang” as it is often called.

This is Level 5 Video 2 of the Project Yourself Course:

Let’s use the powerful force of OM with meditation! Active the power of AUM.

OM is the vibration of creation. It is the very first movement from stillness; the first sound that comes from silence; and it is the first something that comes from the nothing. OM is said to be at the source of everything that exists in the manifest world.

The OM  creates an opening to the understanding of who we are, and helps us to know our true purpose in life. We are not the body, but spirit, the immortal, eternal Self.

When we understand that this Spirit is everywhere within us and all around us, it is the common force that is in everything and everyone, we then have the long view of life that creates a sense of caring and responsibility toward all living things. We come to understand that self-realization is our true purpose in life.

Mantra meditation with OM is the process by which the direction of the mind can be changed from an outward focus to an inward focus. This inward focus commences the sacred journey back to God/Self. It is a journey that each person must eventually embark upon, for the truth of who we really are cannot remain unknown forever. Meditation on OM draws the mind away from sensory involvement into a state of inner communion. Communion with the Universe as a daily practice increasingly aligns the consciousness with the laws of harmony, balance, and love.