Through an Astronaut’s Eyes

Through an Astronaut’s Eyes

Seeing stars and thinking about the space may snap a lot of individuals out of the existential crisis, as well as inspire them to have a new view on their lives. Our Universe and the creation are quite bigger than we are, so we are just part of that huge existence. You may just imagine how profound that feeling may become when you will be in the space and look closely on other different and amazing parts of the galaxy.

Edgar D. Mitchell, a famous astronaut and the one that is known for being the sixth individual that walked on the surface of the Moon, claimed that he experienced his spiritual awakening at the time of his mission in the space. That awakening changed Mitchell’s life and also the researches which were focused on the rise of global awareness, as well as on experimenting with the psychic researches.

Experiencing that type of awakening, the astronaut wanted to go and yell at some people, particularly politicians that have been stuck in debating and fighting on what appeared as mensical topics. Instead of focusing on what was left of his own life, Mitchell focused more on the brighter pictures.

Human consciousness has the ability to change our world.

The first thing that the astronaut discovered was that human consciousness has the ability to change the world.

At the time of this space traveling, Mitchell has a spiritual experience which changed his life and which he called it euphoric. He said:

The experience I had on the flight was akin to a religious experience. It was euphoric, one of those rare moments in life when you seemed to be able to reach out and touch the universe when you had an intuitive flash about the real meaning of truth.

That experience lasted for 25 to almost 30 hours, so while he was observing our planet from that far, he thought of the need of raising human awareness, and how that could be accomplished by some scientific implementations of the psychic phenomenon.

Mitchell also got in the science field which was looking down on most of the skeptics in most of the communities of scientists, but that did not impede him in the process of conducting new experiments.

The psychic researches are going to save our world.

He conducted the primary experiment when he returned to the planet Earth, and the experiment included telepathy. So, without the knowledge or approval of NASA, Mitchell telepathically sent a row of symbols to four people who were on Earth. They knew those symbols, but they had discovered the correct order which he sent to them in. This experiment has been considered as a rather successful one.

After that experiment, he has been more convinced about finding the strength of mankind for helping the planet in clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and telepathy – being able to manipulate with physical matters using the mind.

He also worked with one popular psychic named Uri Geller, a person that is famous as he moved a needle from a compass to swing. In fact, Geller was a skeptic too, but an experiment from CIA confirmed his talents, which the astronaut never questioned.

In 1971, Mitchell formed the Institute of Noetic Sciences or IONS, in order to continue, as well as expand his researches. The word noetic comes from the Greek language – noetikos – which translates ‘inner knowing’ to English, which is something similar to the term intuition.

Continuing his mission.

Mitchell said that the main purpose of his institute has been to expand the knowledge about nature, as well as the powers of people’s consciousness and mind, and even to apply such knowledge so that to enhance the quality of the human life and well-being on Earth.

The mission they had until today was to explore the way in which people’s reality can be far more complicated than mainstream sciences would want them to believe.

Edgar D. Mitchell died in 2016, at the time of the 45thanniversary of the lending he had on the moon. His knowledge, legacy, as well as the interest he had in UFO encounters, together with his curiosity about the Universe still live through all the work he did, and through IONS too.

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A lot of people are probably wondering what Mitchell thought when he was on deathbed, as he had an authentic view and opinion of death, so a lot of them assumed that he has probably been feeling interested and curious about that new and different adventure. He told this to one of his visitors:

Death may simply be an alteration in consciousness, a transition for continued life in a non-material form…

I theorize that there is a spectrum of consciousness available to human beings. At one end is material consciousness. At the other end is what we call ‘field’ consciousness, where a person is at one with the universe, perceiving the universe. Just by looking at our planet on the way back I saw or felt a field consciousness state. You don’t have to dwell in such states long to accept them as reality.

It is not faith, but knowledge.