Mystery of the 10,000 Himalayan Caves

Mystery of the 10,000 Himalayan Caves

I've always wanted to go to the Himalayas. They are grand, wondrous and full of ancient knowledge. 

Did you know that one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries is hidden in the Himalayas?

There are about 10,000 man-made caves have been tunneled through the rock from above or dug into the cliffside.

Called the Mustang Caves or Sky Caves of Nepal, these remarkable caves are were dug into the sides of valleys in the Mustang District. Several groups of archaeologists and researchers have explored these stacked caves and even found partially mummified human bodies and skeletons that are said to be at least 2,000–3,000 years old. Explorations of these caves by conservators and archaeologists have also led to the discovery of valuable paintings of Buddhism, sculptures, manuscripts and numerous artifacts belonging to the 12th to 14th century.

The caves lie on the steep valley walls near the Kali Gandaki River.

 Research groups have continued to investigate these caves, but no one has yet understood who built the caves and why were they built and how people even were able to get their way to them as they are 155 feet off the ground!

So who built these ancient structures and why?

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