Mothers Are Miraculous

Mothers Are Miraculous


"We are born of love; Love is our mother."
- Rumi

There are some relationships that go through the test of time and emerge as ever victorious. Among all, the connection we share with our mothers is priceless as it is constantly being nurtured with love and kindness. There is no bond in this entire world that can be at par with the one we share with our mothers.

Mothers are the perennial source of love and comfort for us. She is the one who rises before every family member and go to bed after everyone has gone to sleep. We certainly cannot negate the importance of mother’s nurturing quality from our lives. It lays the foundation of our growth and development throughout our life on every dimension.

Many philosophers are of the view that Mother is the first school for the child and it is quite true as she is the teacher and guide for us. She teaches the life’s most valuable lessons in terms of unconditional love, kindness, and many moral values. Our childhood memories are sweeter because of the presence of our mothers. Hence, in no way we can ignore the role of mother.

On Mother’s Day, we get the opportunity to revert back to our mothers and show our gratitude towards her. There are lots of people around the globe who celebrate this day with huge sense of pride and ardent feeling. Many people share messages and greetings with their mothers. They even give their mothers with valuable items and gifts which show that everyone want to ensure that their mothers feel loved and appreciated for their effort.

It makes a huge difference in our relation with our mother if we take the initiative to strengthen it and appreciate it. As we go through our lives, we need to take time to come close to our mothers. She is the only person who can give us valuable guidance whenever we feel the need and she can encourage us when we feel down. So, it is time that we realize her significance in our well being that is the driving force that is nourishing and ever loving.

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