Connect to Mind-Body-Spirit with This Series of Asanas

Connect to Mind-Body-Spirit with This Series of Asanas

Sweat it out with me in this series of asanas!

I mostly practice yoga  / asanas on my own mat at home, concentrating on the poses that feel good to my body in that moment, listening to what my body needs. With each breath in and out, I allow for the flow to guide me, breath to movement.

There are times, that yoga also serves as my detox, though. When I need to cleanse my mind with meditation in savasana, my spirit with breath throughout, and my body with release . . . as sweat.

I go to a hot studio where the room is slightly heated (not bikram, as I feel my body doesn’t align with bikram yoga), and I sweat it out with repetitions of surya namaskara.

This offers my body a way to cleanse, something I think we often overlook when the holidays come around and winter blues settle in.

Here is a video of the surya namaskara that can get your body, mind, and soul in cleanse mode. 

With Light & Love,

Puja Shah