Mercury in the Sign of Libra (September 21): Prepare for an Easygoing, Diplomatic and Friendly Period

Mercury in the Sign of Libra (September 21): Prepare for an Easygoing, Diplomatic and Friendly Period

Mercury, the planet of communication, gets a nice, as well as comfortable in the sociable air sign of Libra. This air element is very much about the mind and communication, so Libra meshes quite nicely with Mercury.

The sign of Libra loves to build bridges and find some new ways to overcome our differences. It knows that there is more than one side to any situation, and it wants to harmonize opposing points of view.

The entry of Mercury into this peacemaking sign signals a time when speech becomes a little bit softer to create more harmony in our relationships. We will all be a little more apt to bring down the noise level, permitting both sides of an argument to be heard.

As a result of this, Mercury in the sign of Libra will be the perfect time to heal wounds which are caused by arguments or misunderstandings.

When is Mercury in the sign of Libra?

When the planet of communication and the sign of one-on-one relationships will get together, our communication with other people will come into focus. We are not only talking about love relationships, but also about our family, friends, as well as coworkers. If we have had any fights, or if we were holding on to a long-term grudge, this will be a good time to finally put them to rest.

Diplomacy takes center stage when the planet Mercury is in the sign of Libra. Libra is represented by the Scales of justice in astrology, so it makes some sense that we will be more objective at this time, attempting to approach every situation from the universe on the importance of considering the perspectives of other people, as well as embracing the beauty of compromise.

One of the challenges of this transit is actually the tendency to be a little too nice. We should not sugar-coat things or withhold information just to avoid rocking the boat, as kindness could end up being a barrier to real communication.

We have to realize that there are a lot of different ways of connecting with someone, and agreement is only one of them. Expressing opposing beliefs with respect and openness is actually a terrific way to strengthen any partnership.

The retrograde of Mercury in the sign of Libra.

It may look like your love life has gone haywire when the planet which rules communication, perception, as well as thought retrogrades through relationship-oriented Libra.

The retrograde of this planet in the sign of Libra can feel a bit like a not-so-welcome blast from the past, as this energy likes to stir up drama, causing old relationship problems to reappear. If we have had any resentments in the love department, this is the time when they could come spilling out.

This is especially tough since it may feel like we are not even speaking the same language as the people we are normally in contact with. Miscommunication can very easily occur, and our patience may wear thin. The best thing to do is take a deep breath and try to decipher what other people are really attempting to say during this retrograde.

Interesting things for people born with Mercury in Libra.

You are a breath of fresh air, literally. With the planet Mercury in the air sign of Libra, you are quite the social butterfly, making friends no matter where you are going. People usually tend to find you very charming and friendly, probably as you look like you have a knack for knowing all the right things to say. Also, you like to keep things easy breezy, and you're relaxed, as well as the go-with-the-flow approach, is just another reason why you are so well liked.

Your motto should be: “Can’t we all just get along?” You usually play the peacemaker, avoiding and preventing confrontation if you can. It is your capacity to keep an open mind which helps you consider the input of everyone and ultimately find the middle ground. This, partnered with your cooperative, as well as tactful nature, is particularly helpful in a situation which requires collaboration or negotiation.

Do you sometimes find that decisions, no matter how big or small they are, are nearly impossible to make? You can thank your Mercury in Libra for that. You also like to weigh all your options before you make a move. Spending some time considering the pros and cons can come across as indecisiveness to other people, but you simply want to ensure the best outcome that is possible.

Art, design, as well as music and literature, are just several of your favorite things. You enjoy dabbling in a wide variety of creative, as well as cultural activities, and may even pursue a career in one of these areas.