Meditation for Self Love: A Helpful Guide

Meditation for Self Love: A Helpful Guide

Meditation is healing in many aspects. One of the most powerful ways to practice it is for self-love. It can be all too easy to become caught up in the world around us. Whether it’s from a toxic relationship or the screen envy that occurs from seeing pictures of “perfect lives” posted online, both direct and indirect influences can build up and weigh on our self-worth. One way to mitigate this internal stress is through meditation for self-love, which is specifically focused on empowering you through wellness. 

Self-love begins with identifying what you need to feel balanced. This looks different for everyone and can only be achieved when you are purposeful to embracing your authentic self. It’s a combination of things that align your physical, mental, and emotional energies. When these areas are fulfilled, it’ll add to the positive evolution of how you take care of yourself. You are already worthy of love, meditation practice is a vehicle that drives you to that idea. 

Quiet Negative Thoughts and Invite Lightness In

The act of setting aside quiet time for yourself is the first part of practicing self-love. Choose a relaxing space to meditate. Light a candle or use essential oils to heighten the experience. Make it a special area where there are no interruptions and limited noises or distractions as you reflect on your intentions and gratitude. Whether you meditate for five minutes or fifty, designing the right atmosphere helps with the healing. 

Once you’ve designated where you’ll meditate, think about affirmations or a mantra that you want to focus on or say aloud. An example is: I am strong and worthy of love. Say it slowly and with emphasis to create a steady rhythm. The first few times you may speak it with hesitancy, but as you repeat the mantra, it reinforces it in your mind and allows you to feel more at peace and calm. As you meditate, negative thoughts or feelings may start to arise. When this happens, draw your attention back to your mantra and overpower any negativity with your self-love response. 

Visualize Your Happiness and Allow Yourself to Feel Joy

Visualization is another key technique to use during meditation for self-love and healing. Think about a place or a time that brings you happiness and embrace it. It can be somewhere you’ve visited before or a place you’ve never been. Here is the time to set an intention in your practice for something you want for yourself. Is it a promotion at work? Is it a reconnection with an old friend? Is it to Find Happiness? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize the details of what it looks like. What does it sound like? Smell like? Are there other people around? If it’s helpful, write down your visualization as you’re meditating or immediately after your session.

Meditation encourages you to live in the present moment without anticipating what’s to come or worrying about what’s already happened. It presents the opportunity for you to make decisions based on your true self and what makes you happy. For many, taking the time to ask that question doesn’t happen often. Meditation gives you the space and time to clear your mind, relax your body, and reconnect to your inner purpose. If you’re not ready to create a mantra or practice visualization, guided meditation is an option. 

Guided meditation provides a soothing voice to walk you through a visualization practice or words of affirmation. It enables you to listen and be in tune with how you feel while meditating. If you’re just starting out, you may feel fidgety or anxious, which is normal. Having a voice to focus on continues to center your mind throughout the entirety. There’s no “right” way to meditate. The purpose is to find an inner connection in an intentional way. It’s an exercise for your mind that only makes you stronger the more you do it.

Enjoy the Power of Meditation 

Being present in the moment through meditation empowers you to start anew every day. How will you act or think differently? What actions will you take as a way to demonstrate self-love and build upon your inner strength? In addition to lowering stress levels and anxiety, practicing meditation for self-love and healing also gives you a chance to explore deep-rooted emotions that may have been holding you back. 

Buddhist teachings about meditation include an emphasis on vigilant alertness to experience deep shifts from within to result in a true awakening. Although it is often observed as a relaxation technique, there is a level of awareness involved in order to experience a transformation. Through this mindfulness practice, you’re rewiring your brain to be open to and drawn to positivity more often without overthinking as much. The mind is a powerful tool, which you can harness to give yourself the love you deserve.