Meditate Through The Holidays

Meditate Through The Holidays

The holidays are a sweet time of celebration. You get to gather with close friends and family, you send your appreciation to loved ones and count the blessings of each moment.

But for many of us, they are also packed with stress. Stress of shopping and gatherings. Stress of binge eating and drinking. It can consume you during these months that are otherwise supposed to be focused…on joy.

It’s why meditation is especially important during the holidays.

As busy as it gets, it is crucial to stay sane by making time for yourself. To renew, replenish and refuel.

So while you pack your schedule and fill your bags with gifts…give yourself a gift. Take at least 5 to ten minutes a day to enjoy the benefits of meditation.  

Here are 5 ways you can be sure you meditate through the holidays:

  1. Deep breaths

Wake you and put on your iPhone or clock timer for at least 5 minutes. Sit up and close your eyes to begin by inhaling deeply through the nostrils and then exhale deeply through the nostrils. Do this for the full time and when your timer goes off, take a moment to gently open your eyes.

  1. Write in your journal

Before you go to bed, open up your journal and write down the things you were grateful for that day. It can allow you to focus on the positive instead of the negative emotions that can arise from stress of dodging crazy drivers in shopping centers during holiday madness.

  1. Meditate when you are alone

It’s hard to find time alone when you are surrounded by family and friends, but if you get a moment to yourself, take that time to meditate and go inward. Even if your mind wanders, bring it back to that present moment that is only yours for that brief time.

  1. Smile when you feel stress

This sounds like the opposite thing to do but sometimes a physical smile can be a nourishing meditation in itself. When things get hectic, close your eyes and just smile. Feel the smile in every part of you and allow it to carry you through any tension or stress.

  1. Take a yoga or tai chi class

Take a class like yoga or tai chi to slow down and have meditation in movement. This can allow you to meet your experiences of the day with a more tranquil mind and compassionate awareness. The holiday season can be depleting at times, and classes like these can replenish our body, minds and souls.

The holidays can fill us with many emotions and meditating can help us sort through these times.

So as you dive into the celebrations, remember to dive into the quietness of your inner self as well!