Mandalas — symbolizing the belief that life is never ending

Mandalas — symbolizing the belief that life is never ending

What are the Mandalas?

Let’s start with the primary information. The meaning behind the word Mandela is ‘circle. It means wholeness, which is a cosmic diagram that reminds us about our link to infinity, the extension beyond and within our bodies and minds.

It can appear in our lives in many aspects like the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and other circles of life like friends, family, and communities. Mandalas are those circles in life, that will present to us that life hasn’t got an end. Most of the Mandalas has a meaning and signify something to particular individuals or groups. Hindus were the first to a mandala as a tool for spirituality.

But, Hindus’ Mandalas are not the same as those by the Buddhists. If you know what mandala is, you are familiar with the Buddhists’ ones. These spiritual tools are used for meditation, providing a link for the individual who is meditating to the universe.

When the one who meditates uses this tool, it becomes one with the universe. The significance behind mandala is not only linked with the Buddhist but with Jewish, Christian, Pagan, or any other religions too.

Every person can create a mandala as a spiritual tool so that it will represent the journeys through life. It can also reveal the origin of one person or personal life path. In contrary to this, groups can make a mandala to reveal the path that they should choose, so they will be spiritually better and grow and develop as a group.

Usage of Mandala

Mandalas can be used for many purposes. Only with the design of the tool, it should absorb the mind, so the harmful and irritating thoughts and thinks won’t enter in your mind so that you will be spiritually healthier. When one person is mentally healthy, has higher consciousness and awareness.

People who are using these tools are mostly people with busy minds who need to take a break and release their minds. The primary usage of the mandala is in meditation to receive a message from within. You can choose the mandala that is appropriate for you, but before that, you will need to learn, which is the purpose of each mandala. Once you know what you need and what you want, move on to choosing the mandala. Once you know what you are looking for, you can create your mandala.

Now you keep your focus on the spiritual tool. Use your imagination in the creation of your mandala. It is just like a therapy for your brain. In case you are being distracted by something else, you need to keep the focus on the beautiful appearance of the mandala.

Think of the colors and the patterns. Once the mandala attracts you, you will feel the lightness, and some aspirations will appear. Its purpose is to relax you and to attract positive thoughts. We all have different feelings, but the goal is for us to be relaxed and feel enlightened.

Creating a mandala

Now all over the internet, the mandalas are the most popular of all. Even some of the sites offer crated mandalas ready for coloring so that you can print it, or even you can color it online. Furthermore, we will present to you what each color is used.

  • Red is used for strength, high energy, and passion
  • Pink is used for color, intuition and the feminine
  • Orange is for creativity, transformation, self-awareness, and intuition
  • Yellow is used for learning, wisdom, laughter, and happiness
  • Green is for physical healing and psychic ability, love towards nature and caring
  • Blue for emotional healing, inner peace, and meditation as a process
  • Purple for all spiritual thinks
  • White for focus
  • Black is used for mystery and deep thinking

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