LISTEN: this guided meditation audio will connect you to your heart’s intelligence

LISTEN: this guided meditation audio will connect you to your heart’s intelligence

Your heart pumps blood through your body over 100,000 times a day.

But recent studies show this may in fact be the least interesting thing about the most hardworking organ in your body.

Have you ever noticed how emotions like joy, love, fear and sadness can be felt through your heart?

Studies show that’s because the heart and brain are in fact connected to each other. In fact the heart emits more electrical activity than the brain, and in many ways, the heart actually controls the brain.

Think about this the next time you choose to use your head at the expense of your heart!

There are 40,000 sensory neurons in the heart that relay information to the brain. Your heart also communicates to your brain through your nervous system, hormones, biomechanical information and energetic information.

And get this – by learning how to synchronize the electrical activity of the heart and the brain, it’s possible to experience a state of organ “coherence” that leads to elevated mind power, a stronger immune system, lower cortisol levels, and more.

All this goes to show that if you’re not already listening to your heart… you’re missing out on a world of benefits!

We’ve reached into our Deep Dive Guided Meditation Pack, and pulled out a meditation that will give you a direct line to your heart’s often untapped intelligence:

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Use this guided meditation when you want to…

  • Run a ‘gut check’ on whether you’re pursuing the right aspirations and decisions.
  • Resolve a mild or severe conflict with a partner, family member or friend.
  • Approach a problem from a more heart-centric perspective, instead of just pure logic.

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