Let Go of The Ego and Ground Yourself

Let Go of The Ego and Ground Yourself

Words by: John Hanson

Have you heard of the ego trap?

If you are an artist, actor or musician, or anyone, for that matter, you have an ego. If you are chasing this performance or creative art as a profession, a sense of confidence or ego is undoubtedly present. I can say this because while it is true that there are many humble artists, even the most humble musician needs confidence in themselves to even step on the stage or begin writing out a song for the first time. The problem with many artists, and in many other professions, is that the ego that can damage potential for success and can ruin personal relationships. The law of attraction says that whatever you project into the world will enter into your life. The ego is most often a negative energy and the cause of stress and frustration. Grounding yourself can be thought of as returning to your body in order to maintain your inner strength and calmness. It is a method to channel energy in the universe that can be used to manifest your desires. It also helps you let go of the ego and free yourself of the ego trap.

The ego is designed to make sense of information coming into your mind and as a result has a tendency to jump to conclusions about the world around us. This is a valuable function as it would be difficult to understand anything without some conclusions about what we see. The ego is therefore used for protection. By filling in the gaps in our understanding, the ego keeps our sanity remain intact and the world seem manageable. Tendencies to rely on this basic human function can limit the human experience.

The ego traps many people from reaching their full potential because the ego lies to you about how you are truly feeling and the world around you.

Things seem impossible because the ego uses experience to base its reality. Frustration is the result of having a goal that you want very badly thought cannot seem to obtain. Much personal growth advice exists about the power of letting things go, clearing your mind, being present, and living in the moment. To many, this type of advice is frustrating because in their experience, they have never turned off their minds in order to slow down the racing thoughts to realize that is what is happening. It is therefore very helpful to be familiar with the notions of energy and your body. We are, after all, both mind and body, yet we tend to only use our minds. Knowing the messages and the supreme comfort available to you in your body can help to clear your mind, clear your aura, and approach life in a new light. From this space you can plan and work on creating a better life for yourself without being bogged down by all-consuming thoughts and constant frustrations ore anxieties.

Grounding Yourself – Understanding Your Body, Chakras and Energy for Personal Growth..

The concept of energy makes less sense to the mind than the body. Being in tune with your body is one way to overcome crippling habits of your ego and develop into the type of person who is capable of achieving the goals you have in mind. To achieve great things you must be great, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The ego has trouble with energy because energy is a sensation that we cannot see, smell or hear, though we can all attest to the feeling of energy: the sense of excitement, anxiety, love or happiness.

There is a certain unexplainable knowledge of these things, yet the ego does not understand them. Like the unexplainable pit in your stomach before you even realize something is wrong, or the rush of anxiety that occurs in various important moments, your body has messages for you about the world that you need to pay attention to. The energy you can feel is real, whether it is frustration and anger or comfort and satisfaction. Your aura is a word for the description of the energy you put out into the world. If you are putting out positive energy, you attract positive energy. The concept works the same way for negative energy.

Understanding the flow of energy in the universe is what manifesting your desires is about. Frustration about your goals in life will only attract more frustration about those goals. Clear your aura by clearing your mind by entering your body, it’s the best way. Meditation and exercise are two options for tuning into your body. Motion is very important. Yoga, nature walks, sports, and aerobics are going to bring positive results. This will help your singing, playing and general spirit with exponential progress. It will also give you more positive energy.

Using meditation and yoga to ignite, or unblock Chakra’s, which are energy centers in your body. Chakras are present in many ancient practices. Blockages in your Chakras can lead to illness, mental problems, issues in personal relationships and general dis-satifaction. There are understood to be seven important Chakra’s in your body. Each is associated with a color, an energy or feeling and a part of your body.

1. The first chakra is located at the base of your spine and is the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is red in color this is the grounding chakra, it can give the body strength and health.
2. The second chakra is the Sacral Charka, located at your naval. It is orange in color and associated with emotion, sexuality and desire. This in other understandings it referred to as your “gut,” as in “go with your gut.”
3. The third chakra is next, where your rib cage meets in below your chest. The color of this Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and it is associated with the energies of joy, will, and also anger.
4. The fourth charka is your heart chakra. It is in the center of the chest and is green in color. This chakra has energies of love, compassion and spirituality.
5. The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra and it is bright blue in color. This chakra has energy of communication and creativity.
6. The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra and is located in the center of the forehead. This is the chakra of intuition, of knowing and it is associated with the color indigo.
7. Lastly, the seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra and it is located on the top of your head, this chakra is the energy of understanding.

Meditate with these chakras in mind and feel the energies. Thank them for being present. Project them through your aura by letting go of all your thoughts. It helps to start by breathing deeply into your diaphragm and focusing on your toes, them moving up each muscle and body part. It is understood that chakras are in communication with the energy of the universe. By engaging them in your body, you will be more present.

Remember that there is no one path to living out your wildest dreams, anything is possible.

Being frustrated, stuck in your thoughts and feeling angry will never be beneficial to you, these are traits of the ego, and they will only attract more frustration. Growing out of old habits can be uncomfortable and that is why you must embrace change. You must change your mind in order to change your world. Show yourself what is possible by using the energy of your body to find comfort in the world, this will change your perspective and help you grow. Embrace the difficulty, step out of the normal ego state and experience the expansion of your experiences. There is more here than the ego can tell. Tap into your true energy to reach your full potential.

Letting go of the ego can be further boiled down to any activity that causes you to loose all thoughts and enter the “zone.” The act of performing can have this result, as well as performing sports, or acting. The issue with using only this type of practice to transcend the ego is that the individual is ussually unaware that this is happening and tends to enter directly back into the ego state once they are out of the “zone.” Being aware that this is what is happening and practicing meditation to enter this stat willingly, makes the experience more enjoyable and more frequent. It should also be noted that drugs, sex, addictions such as porn, food, and exercise, are examples of unhealthy ways in which individuals attempt to transcend the ego. Arm yourself with the knowledge to understand that is what you are trying to obtain to stay away from harmful practices and engage in healthy, fulfilling habits.

I would say most highly successful people have gone through the process of letting go of their ego in order to grow into their own greatness, whether they know it or not. Those who are living out their dreams have elevated their skills to such a high level that this stage of growth must have been necessary, even if they are not aware of it happening. Meditation and chakra’s are not the only options for letting go of the ego, there are many other ways. Empathy, forgiveness, one-ness, love, pure intention, self-lessness, and pure action are all good examples of ego-less activity.

John Hanson is a musician and writer from Boston. John works for an insurance company by day, but is a blogger, musician, writer and audio engineer by night. John hosts two open mic’s in his local area, gigs in Boston., Providence and the surrounding areas solo and with his band OFFBEAT MOTIF, and writes regularly on a few blogs he keeps for inspiration, music reviews and general music updates about his own music career and doings. For more info: www.john-hanson.com