7 Tips to Live a Happy Life from Happy People

7 Tips to Live a Happy Life from Happy People

Happiness is as real as you and me. You are deserving of a happy life. It is your birthright!

Have you ever asked yourself if you are worthy of happiness? Most experts in human psychology find that happiness is defined by the individual.

At the same time, experts all agree that there is a lot to be learned by observing the happiness in others.

Here are 7 practical tips from people who are thankful and embrace life to the fullest.

7. Stay Productive but Do Not Rush

According to studies, being rushed puts you on the fast track to misery. It is also found that staying passive and not having any drive can lead into the same abyss as well.

The trick is to remain productive while maintaining a comfortable pace. This means putting in effort to step out of your comfort zone often but not so much that it takes up all of your energy.

The moment you start to feel overwhelmed is the moment you need to slow down your pace. That can sometimes be easier said than done.

Say NO to things to which you are not obligated. You should say NO to everything that does not make you feel YES inside. Everyone has certain obligations, but the only way to set a comfortable pace is by only saying YES to the right things.

6. Happy People Follow Their Desires!

This is probably the best advice you are going to get on how to live a happy and abundant life.

Don’t ignore your desires. Follow them! See where they lead you. If you choose to ignore those yearnings you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is something you will hear from anyone who considers herself to be a happy individual.

Even when the path is not all just flowers and sunshine, the overall journey can make you feel alive and satisfied.

When a journalist asked a hospice nurse for the top regrets of the dying people, she said that the most common answer was that they did not follow their true calling. They did not pursue their passions.

5. Happy People are Surrounded by Other Happy People!

Joy is contagious. Don’t deprive yourself from its benefits!

This is no-brainer, but it bears a lot of weight in terms of living a happy life. Find anyone who is considered happy and you will find him or her surrounded with others who are cheerful and smiling. For them, that’s the most natural thing in the world.

The best way to understand and experience this is to place yourself among them. You don’t have to do anything special, just spend some time in their company.

Soon after you leave their company, take a moment to look in the mirror. Just do that and you will understand how important is to be in the company of happy people. Your image will reflect the positivity back at you.

Share the joy with others. There is someone out there who desperately needs the support. Maybe it’s a friend you haven’t met yet.

4. Happy People Have Satisfying Careers.

They are all satisfied with where they work. If they are not happy, they leave the position in search of something better.

People who are happy with what they do for living are much happier than others. Plus, scientific study proves that workers who are more enthusiastic about their work consider themselves happier than those who are not.

Do what you love. Either you are in it with your heart and brain or find something better.

3. Happy People Spend Their Money on Experiences.

Truly happy people always prefer to spend their money on new experiences instead of physical goods.

You are a social creature. New experiences pull you out of your comfort zone and help you create strong bonds with the rest of the world.

Plus, the more interesting and intriguing the experience, the more energized and excited you will feel. Material purchases only provide a fleeting feeling of satisfaction.

2. Happy People Dream Big!

They don’t care how ambitious their dreams might seem to others. Happy folks go for the gold!

This is the path to greatness. It is the blueprint of successful people. There is a long list of incredibly successful people who dared to dream big. Some of them even started their businesses in their garage, bedroom or backyard.

When it comes to big dreamers, names such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs should ring few bells. They dared to dream big, despite what everyone else told them. They started with only pennies in their pockets and look at how far they came. They dared to dream and they won.

1. Happy People Don’t Try to Be Happy!

Being happy is not a goal to pursue. It is a way of life.

The trick is to stop chasing happiness and start living it! Inhale happy and exhale stress. The less you try to find it, the better. The harder you try to “find” happiness, the more difficult will be to just embody it.

There is no secret formula. All happy people do is embrace a few simple living principles. They don’t need someone to tell them what happiness is, nor should you. Happiness is what you make of it.

There is a study conducted by renowned researchers that proves that by making happiness your personal life goal the more it will stand on your way of achieving it. According to Iris Mauss, one of the leading scientists on this project, “Wanting to be happy can make you less happy.”

So stop trying to be happy and just BE happy!