Ways to Keep the Miracles of Your Mind Alive

Ways to Keep the Miracles of Your Mind Alive

By keeping the physical brain nourished, we are able to better understand the mind and who we really are: a magnificent machine full of vigor, vitality, love, consciousness, and pure awareness.

Your brain is a crazy boss of an organ. It weighs roughly 3 pounds, consists of a slight 2% of your weight, requires 20% of the body's energy, and looks like a ball of cooked oatmeal. Together, the brain and the spinal cord interconnect and direct a bewildering amount of information. Whether we view the brain as a switchboard for sensory input, an intricate computer system, or an utter miracle, it is undeniably one of the most amazing things science can begin to try and understand.


Brain health and mental health are intricately connected . . . but they are not the same.

The brain is a physical organ through which the mind works. The physical body is easy to observe, we can list its functions and location, but we find it difficult to do the same for the mind.


Without understanding the nature of the mind, it becomes challenging to approach. It eludes us, observation is our only tool.

To maintain optimal health, a daily routine is essential. Routine opens the door for profound changes in the body and mind by establishing balance to the brain and nervous system.  



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