Keep These 5 Things As The Greatest Secret To Yourself!

Keep These 5 Things As The Greatest Secret To Yourself!

This world, although based on truth, still requires some balance — there are some things that are best kept for ourselves.

Greatest Secret #1: Your vision and plans.

Try to keep silent until your plan is completed. All our ideas are not only unfinished, but they have many weak spots that are easy to strike and destroy.

Greatest Secret #2: Your virtues.

It is a rarity in this world, and therefore it should be kept as the pupil of your own eye. Do not brag yourself for the good deeds.

Greatest Secret #3: Your courage and heroism.

We all get challenged. In life, some will get external, and others internal challenges.
The external ones are visible, and people receive awards for them, but the internal challenges prevail (although nobody notices them), and thus they are not awarded.

Greatest Secret #4: Your family problems.

And your private life in general. Remember, the less you talk about the problems in your family, the more your family becomes stronger and stable. Every quarrel represents a release from the negative energy that accumulated in the process of communication.

Greatest Secret #5: All the gossiping you hear during the day.

Your shoes can get dirty while walking on the street, and you can also do the same with your consciousness and sub-consciousness. So a person who comes home, and talks about all the nonsense heard during the day, does not differ from a person who entered the house and did not take off the dirty shoes.

Kakabel is a powerful angel whose name literally means "Star of God." Kakabel is the angel in charge of all the stars and Constellations and is considered as the "Angel of the Stars". Legends say that he fell in love with the women of earth and teaches Astrology to humans. 

This design is a Celtic version of the hexagram of Solomon, a six pointed Magical Star which is also a favorite symbol of the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Kakabel's Star is surrounded by the characters of celestial writing derived from the constellations which is a secret alphabet still being used in higher degrees of Free Masonry. This type of magical alphabet is used to transmit secret and confidential information in the form of a difficult cryptogram to conceal the secrets of the human soul.