It's Time to Distinguish a True Friendship from a False One

It's Time to Distinguish a True Friendship from a False One

Friendship has no survival value — just the opposite — it gives value to survival. And true friendship is necessary; it is a must and an essential.

What does friendship even mean, what should really mean and how do we face it?

True friendship is what the Roman philosopher Seneca examined and tried to figure out. But not just theoretically and figuratively, but throughout a series of personal experiences with his friend. He later released a book called “Letters from a Stoic.”

This book is considered as a great piece of wisdom on how to overcome fear and inoculate ourselves against misfortune. It is a must-read.

The book begins with the two most famous pillars of true friendship where Seneca explains how a true friend is the one to whom we can be sincere. The author explains how we should not be fooled to believe that someone is our friend if we don’t trust them.

He explains and examines the basis on which true friendships are formed. He begins by discussing the false friendships. He observed and got to results that some people form these friendships with a potential friend that would help when they need them. These people, make friendships for selfish reasons. Some do it because they are lonely, but then again it is for the completely wrong reason. The author refers to these connections as a bargain not a friendship.

In the next chapter, Seneca writes about the flattery friendships which nowadays in the era of likes and shares are the most common ones. He advises the readers never to mistake a flattery with friendship. He points out that such connections do more harm than good.

The only true friendship worth having is the one with noble reasons.

It is when the two persons have their innocent pure and noble reasons without any use of it. Here he shows his deep appreciation and love to his best friend for whom he says he would even die for.

The author uses his personal experiences to show how true friendship is not selfish. It is when two people love each other unconditionally and are not afraid to show it. They have each other’s backs, and they grow together, stronger.

This book, Letters from a Stoic will always remain a rewarding read, and it deserves it. Reading this book will open your eyes to what true friendship really is, and it can stimulate you into growing selfless relationships with people.

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