It’s All About Intention

It’s All About Intention

Actor Jim Carrey boils down his whole career to the power of intention: “Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.”

I agree with him, even in moments when things seem out of our hands. Even when it feels like there’s nothing else you can do or say…when the outcome is up in the air. We all have these moments. But whatever your situation is right now, guess who played a major role in setting it up? Who has created your circumstances?  YOU.

With every life experience, you alone are the painter of your own canvas, each stroke is a thought and a choice. And beneath each and every one of these strokes, those thoughts and choices, lies your deepest intention.

If you are feeling stuck and want to move forward, Oprah once said that a great place to start is by examining your past motivations.

Some people may say that they always had good intentions, but bad things happen to them. That intentions never work for them.

You see, intention works in two ways:

One way to view it is as a step by step process, kind of like how rain is created. It starts with a rain cloud that forms in the sky and builds (a gathering and focusing of our creative life energy) until there is enough moisture for rain to fall down. The rain then falls from the cloud to bring the waters of life (the flow of our creative life energy into an experience) that nurture and sustain the seed that is planted in the ground (the intention we hold). The plant (our intention) grows and bears fruit (your desire).

The second way it works is to realize our creative life energy is already flowing to manifest our experiences. Simply by “shifting this in our mind with a sufficiently deep desire, we divert the energy we already have into what we desire.

In this case, you wouldn’t need to gather our energy or ‘rain cloud.’ It simply redirects what we already have.

What we experience in life is often a combination of both these experiences.

Sometimes we must reconstruct our creative power as the clouds form in the sky. Other times we simply change course of what we already have.

Often it boils down to trust.

Do you trust your subconscious to be reprogrammed and create what you truly desire?

When we meditate, we can form that rain cloud. It takes time and effort to accumulate the energy to create what we desire with our practice. Our subconscious hears the soul speak.

Other times, when we have come to understand how to use the power of intention in understanding how we create our own reality, we can utilize the second approach and simply shift our energy into what we desire. This is how miracles are experienced for many. More often than not, that magic it is simply changing the beliefs that are controlling what we experience. Your inner change of intention puts out energy in the universe too so that even if you see life as a collective or universal energy system…shifts can occur.

What are your intentions for the new year?