Turning over a new leaf with Internal Prosperity is possible, but you must do this one thing.

Turning over a new leaf with Internal Prosperity is possible, but you must do this one thing.

Wealth comes in various forms. You might think that the amount of cash in your bank account equates to your wealth, but you would be mistaken. The most relevant wealth is when you find richness in your soul. As the old saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness, but riches of the soul can!”

Just like any other form of prosperity, one must work for the reward. For this type of work, however, the only boss you have to answer to is yourself. You are self-employed in this regard, and you don’t even have to pay taxes. You set the hours, the location, and the wages because only you can discern what you are getting out of it. Plus, there is relatively little experience needed. You learn as you go along.

The mode of your work is your own design as well. Cultivating your happiness can occur in many ways but it begins by determining what you value. Prosperity comes when you attain something that you covet. Money is the most obvious example but there is also success, health, love, and procreation. All of these things can be applied to your internal prosperity, too. As a matter of fact, all of these items are fundamental components of achieving happiness. Is it not successful to attain peace of mind? Is it not healthy to be free from fear? Is self-respect not love? Is a clear head not a good example for your children, and something you want them to possess as well?

What’s Your Dream?

How do you determine just what you want out of your life? If you look out the window at your next door neighbor’s new sports car or you see the elegant couple sitting at the dining table next to you and you think that is what you should have, then you are missing the point! Figuring out what you really want requires introspection and being familiar with your own emotions.

We all have very basic physical needs that have to be met before we can develop our wants. We need to have food, we need to have shelter, and we need to have clothes on our backs. These can be thought of as our outer prosperity. They correlate to our bodies. For inner wealth, we must set aside that exterior.

There is too much preoccupation with how we are perceived on the outside. We want to show off the fact that we are prosperous, and that is somewhat natural. Feeling a sense of pride after you’ve worked hard and achieved is healthy,but pride is not prosperity. By virtue, prosperity implies that we are moving ahead in our natural progression, and from that, are deriving satisfaction.

Facing Challenges

As with external wealth, there can be ups and downs with mind’s affluence. Periods of sadness or depression happen to all of us at some point, whether you’ve lost your job, broken up with your mate, or experienced physiological symptoms beyond your control. Your state of mind can feel very poor during these blue periods, but you can help yourself!

The only way to regain your prosperity is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on. Allow yourself to go through the entire gamut of emotions so that you will be that much more appreciative of a healthy mental state once you are back on track. If you put in the mental work, you will get there. It’s as simple as that.

There will also be times to adjust your idea of prosperity. We certainly don’t crave the same things when we are forty as we do when we are fourteen. There is a lot to learn in that time frame and there are a lot of life altering experiences to be had – some good, some awful. With these moments come a whole new source of wealth, and that wealth is information.

Knowledge is Key

The more we know, the more we grow. In an age where we have internet on nearly every electronic device we come into contact with, including some refrigerators, there are constant opportunities to learn and there are more resources than ever. Now, some of the resources may not be so hot for self-growth. TMZ.com probably won’t enrich your soul, but you can certainly learn lessons from every experience, no matter how trivial they are in the scheme of things.

Taking challenging experiences with a grain of salt can also be helpful. You don’t want yourself to be too bogged down by thinking too much. Growth, prosperity, moving forward, all of these things are inherent in us if we allow ourselves the freedom to exist without barriers. We aren’t naturally idle. Our minds and bodies want to move and work. We shouldn’t have to use force. If you think about it, don’t you accomplish more when your mind is at ease or your body is relaxed as opposed to being worried and tense?

Whether you choose meditation, prayer, rest, play or laughter, it is important to have an outlet for all of your cares to make room for positive thoughts and energy. With a basis of knowledge, clarity, instinct, and soul, you’ll find that you have all the crucial components for self-worth. Knowing what you are worth (and you are worth everything) will allow you to see that you have the right to happiness, and happiness is the ultimate prosperity.

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