If You Are An Empath, You May Want to Have These 5 Crystals With You

If You Are An Empath, You May Want to Have These 5 Crystals With You

By definition, an empath is an extremely sensitive and intuitive person that knows, by his or her thumbs’ pricking, the feelings and sufferings of those around them.

Usually, this can be draining for his or her spiritual and mental faculties, while their energies will also require to be recharged from one time to another. If we believe that we are empaths, below are the five best crystals for us.

Despite the specific and unusual benefits that each crystal has, they can heal our spiritual scars, or help us heal other people too.

Here are the best five crystals which those of us who are empaths can use every day:

1. Rose Quartz

The lifeblood and livelihood of every empathetic being are the heart, together with the chakra which has the same name, the heart chakra. While these two heal those around them, the heart chakra is the one that gets drained of energies the most.

This crystal, which is flesh-colored, is going to replenish the energies and heal the scarring through which this chakra goes. This is going to make empaths feel rejuvenated and new.

2. Malachite

This is a green stone which contains considerable copper amounts, which help empaths to become refreshed and renewed in their spiritual strength. Moreover, the color green symbolizes positive, young and new: every negative vibe that we were harboring after we healed people are going to be destroyed forever by this beautiful green crystal.

3. Hematite

This is an iron which contains a compound which is going to help cleanse our system further. Moreover, it has specific benefits for our physical health. It will normalize the vibrations coming from our chakras, soul, and heart, and it will attune them to the ones which come from our Universe. This is going to make us more powerful and sensitive.

4. Amethyst

This gem is going to cool us down. Every single machine needs coolant. We can say that this beautiful crystal will be the coolant which we need for our soul. Moreover, it is a useful and effective shield protecting us from evil eyes.

5. Tourmaline

This crystal, which has black depth, can absorb negativity and death vibes, right before they come near us.

For every person that is an empath: Carry these five crystals with you. You can carry them in the bag or also on yourself. You are going to spot immediate results.