Your Ideal Relationship Is Waiting For You

Your Ideal Relationship Is Waiting For You

You may have heard of using tools like the law of attraction to attract your soul mate. Essentially, this law of nature is one that says we create our realities from the inside out.

While we often then ask ourselves, who is our ideal partner? …but it is super important to perhaps focus on what your ideal relationship is rather than who your ideal partner is.

You see, when you are conscious of your insides, and hone your energy in on that, then the energy dynamics you create in the outside world are reflective of that!

You no longer focus on a specific type of person to make you happy, but rather, a dynamic of your own energy to jive with another person’s…to ultimately be your ideal match.

This sounds complicated- but it isn’t. Let me explain.

Here are a few ways you can manifest your ideal relationship…

  1. Connect to your inner truth. This inner truth can be called lot of things. I like to think of it is home base. It’s where I am my most comfortable self, the girl in sweatpants and a messy ponytail, writing away. This inner place is your true nature. When you are here, you are whole and you don’t feel like you need to long for, chase or be needy. You are in it, in your now and your reality. If you work from this place, your inner truth, that’s how you will manifest the ideal complement to you. You can do this by connecting to your inner self via meditation, reading consciousness based texts, guidance by a teacher and even by asking yourself questions.When your energy is your wholeness, that is type of energy you invite into your life also.
  2. Throw away the fear. The fear and limiting beliefs you have about finding this ideal relationship will ultimately put up walls around you and your heart. If you feel you always attract men or women who use you…well that is the reality you will make. Bring your awareness to any of these types of thoughts that are fear-centric. Then once you know what they are, work on ways to open your heart and remove those doubts from your life.
  3. Just let it goI think of my toddler daughter singing this Disney song at the top of her lungs but she might have a point here. Let. It. Go. Don’t live in the future and worry, don’t try to control the way this will happen, just let it be. Just let yourself be…and it will come!

It’s a process. But when you attune to who you are…then that’s all that there is room for to fall into place as your ideal version of love.