I Fell Off A Cliff And Found The Meaning Of Life At The Bottom

I Fell Off A Cliff And Found The Meaning Of Life At The Bottom

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, calls Jake Ducey a “millennial version of Steve Jobs”.

But take one look at Jake’s athletic height and wavy, golden surfer hair, and you’ll realize Wozniak wasn’t talking about a physical resemblance.

But Jake’s looks are as close as he’ll ever get to the American Dream, if your idea of said Dream is to go to business school, get a college basketball degree, and spend the rest of your life chasing bigger houses and faster cars.

At the age of 19, Jake decided to leave college, leap Into the Wind (incidentally, the title of his first Amazon bestseller book), and travel the world.

Somewhere along the way, Jake fell off a cliff and found the meaning of life.

That meaning will, perhaps even violently, shake up the way you live yours… and change how you choose to spend your tiny speck of time on earth.

Find out what it is in Jake’s viral TED Talk:

Unmissable highlights in Jake’s video:

0.11: The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that demolished Jake’s perspective on life and set him on his path.

1.01: Why Jake realized reading inspirational books was a waste of his time.

2.30: Jake’s biggest realization after his first visit to Guatemala (this will make you want to throw your credit card away).

4.54: The ultimate lesson in life, and the sole reason we’re on this planet, according to Jake.

5.36: Why Jake had to fall off a cliff to learn a truth known only by the greatest visionaries, leaders and thinkers.

8.04: What Jake did to get his first book published, after getting rejected by every publisher under the sun.