How To Use The Right Crystal For Healing

How To Use The Right Crystal For Healing

Everything is linked around us, and the best result for these connections are crystals and gemstones. Maybe you thought that there is no such thing as a force, that will help you heal some issue, but you are wrong. The gemstones and the crystals spread some energy that will help you have a clear mind, and to think positively. Many people found their solution with these stones.

The solution is in the energy that the stones are spreading; they will fill you with positivism, optimism, and will clear your mind.

The function of crystals and gemstones for beginners

Clear Quartz
The clear quartz is a highly versatile and powerful amplifier. It will amplify different sorts of frequency, even the natural one of our bodies. We contain electromagnetic spectrum, so-called EMF, and the quartz can pick it up.

Its energy is very cheerful and creative. If you are demotivated, and you feel disappointed, and the blockage needs to be eliminated, citrine will help you. You will reduce the problems with your finances, prosperity, and abundance. Another benefit of citrine is its sunny energy that will cheer you up.

Rose Quartz
This stone spreads the energy of calmness, gentle, and compassionate. This one is known as the stone of love. It is highly beneficial for all sorts of love. If you are searching for a love of any type, the rose quartz is your best solution.

Green Aventurine
Its dominant side is the healing part. Green Aventurine is a stone that will help you to heal. If you are hurt by your friends, family, health, or growth, you have the cure. Also, if you have problems with your finances or with your confidence, Green Aventurine has those healing properties.

It is a stone that will provide you with protection and purification. The properties of amethyst are very well known. You will enrich yourself with better intuition and elimination of the addictions. It is the crystal that we all need to have close to us.

How can we find the perfect crystal for us and our needs?

When you know what you want, it is time to move to the second phase. You should pick the right stone for your needs, because some of them work better for ones, but not so good for the others.
Also, we present to you the three steps to find the crystal that suits you the best.

Set an intention

The first step is to find your goal. People need to know what they are searching for, then look for a solution. It would be best if you spoke out loud or in your head about what you are hoping to find.
It should sound like this: ‘Thank you, amethyst, for becoming my next gemstone. Please reveal yourself to me.’

Follow the senses

The second step is this. It would help if you listened to your physical and intuitive insights. The physical ones are sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. But the intuitive senses are clear seeing, clear hearing, bright feeling, bright smelling, bright-tasting, and clear knowing. If you speak to an expert, you will hear the same intuitive senses as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, and claircognizance. Take advantage of all these senses, so that you can find the perfect stone.

Wait for a feeling

The third, and last, step is to listen to your inner voices. If one stone is more dominant in your mind, then maybe it is the right one for you. Your stone will give you some signs. You need to see and listen well. In other words, they will come to you. Your job is to feel them and accept them.