How To Spice Up Your Life

How To Spice Up Your Life

There is comfort in routine.

Knowing what to do at a particular moment, or where to be on a set date is a reassuring thought, especially in a world where anything can happen.

Routines keep us within our comfort zones, thus eliminating the stress of the unknown. Experts say that having an established routine trains us to keep our focus and increases productivity. It helps us establish structure which enables us to be more efficient.

Despite all of its great benefits, falling into a routine puts us in danger of going on autopilot which in turn makes us complacent and unappreciative. What excitement is there if you already know how your day is going to play out?

This is where the art of spontaneity comes in.

An unplanned road trip, a surprise visit to a loved one, or a spur of the moment purchase just because an item at a store you randomly walk into intrigues you. Surprise yourself! These little things help break the monotony and boredom that falling into a mundane routine can sometimes bring.

Spontaneity teaches us to be:

Adaptable – when we move out of our comfort zones, things sometimes get delayed or off track. Being adaptable ensures that instead of crying over the situation, we take it as another challenge and an opportunity to learn new strategies to achieve our goals.

Decisive –situations can get out of hand, no matter how hard you prepare for them. Being decisive means assessing the situation, implementing a resolution and sticking to it until the end goal is achieved.

Confident- things won’t always go our way but knowing that we can face whatever life throws along our path helps build confidence on our skills and abilities.

The poet William Cowper once wrote, “Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavor.”

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