How To Redirect Negative Thoughts

How To Redirect Negative Thoughts

We all hate to feel negative vibes and thoughts. But sometimes, we just can’t control ourselves from thinking negatively.

Here are some shifts we can make to transform our perspective

Recognizing Negative Thinking. Before we can start to think positively, we should know first when and on what situations are we being negative.

  • You tend to focus on negative thoughts. Sometimes, you forget the commendations given to you and you focus more on negative feedback.
  • You automatically blame yourself. You always think that if something bad happened, it’s always your fault and it’s always because you think you are unwanted.
  • You automatically anticipate the worst. Say for example you were running late for work because of the traffic, you already thought that the rest of the day will be miserable.
    • You feel that you have to be perfect or you’re a total failure.

    Concentrating on Positive Thinking. Turning negative thinking into positive thinking takes time and practice.

    • Check yourself.  From time to time during the day, check and examine your thoughts. If it’s negative, try to find a way to put positivity to it.
    • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Try to exercise and start doing healthy habits. Exercise can reduce stress.
    • Be open to humor. Don’t be a kill-joy. Try to find humor on your colleague’s corny joke and smile on it.
    • Surround yourself with positive people. Be with people who can positively give you helpful advice.

    Practicing Positive Thinking Every Day.

    From being a negative thinker to positive thinker is not an overnight metamorphoses. It requires everyday practice.