How to Recharge Your Batteries Using the 4 Basic Elements

How to Recharge Your Batteries Using the 4 Basic Elements

Every one of us is trying hard to beat deadlines, or seeking to fulfill goals and plans, and being in constant motion to stay productive and smart.

Although these are useful when it comes to creating the life which we want to live, sometimes, our bodies can be overwhelmed and exhausted.

Therefore, we have to pause, rest for some time, and recharge our batteries which keep us in constant moving. We don’t have to wait to be drained completely. As symptoms of overload start appearing, we have to provide our bodies with the needed break, because it definitely deserves it.

That break does not have to be complicated or long. We can recharge the batteries inside us by simply tapping into the power of the energies.

1. Air element

The air element is essential when it comes to survival of every living creature on the planet. Life without air is not possible.

It is seen as active, movable, and thin and it embodies happiness, freshness, mercy, and intelligence. The energies which this element brings will help us in keeping the focus and rational thinking, and will also open our mind to cosmic events.

How can we fully connect?

First of all, we should find a place, preferably an open one, where the air is clean and fresh and where we can feel how the wind moves.

Nature will be an ideal place, such as a field or also a mountain. However, if we don’t have such possibility, a roof or terrace will be the best alternative.

We have to breathe deeply and feel how the find is touching our face and skin. We will feel it as it is blowing our hair. Then, we should let go, have fun and permit it to rejuvenate all our energies.

2. Water element

The water is often seen as healing, cleansing, loving, and psychic element. It quenches our thirst, and even supports us when we are swimming.

As water is considered the element of emotion and subconscious, a connection with it is going to ease depression, and even pain which is brought by some passions we have.

How can we fully connect?

When we feel the need to cry, we should do it as it is a means of connecting with water.  When we allow our tears to flow down our cheeks, we allow bottled up emotions to flow with it too.

A good cry is going to reduce our stress and even calm our mind. Water can also be used for meditation, which may be done by feeling every drop of rain which falls on our face.

And, the third way would be by moving our hand through a stream, pool, lake or a bowl which is full of water. We will feel its fluidity while it is refreshing and energizing us.

3. Fire element

As it is the single element which shines, fire is also the purest one of the rest of the elements. It is utilized in rituals as it is a small form of purgatory where the purging of negative emotions may be done.

The fire is also a transformative element because it converts the energy of some other objects into other forms such as heat, light, smoke, and ash. When we feel lethargic about our life, connecting with the fire element will re-energize us.

How can we fully connect?

We should spend some time out on a sunny day and feel the warmth and also the light of our sun on our skin. Looking at the sun at sunrise or sunset is said to provide numerous health benefits.

Also, we can set a fire in our fireplace and hear the crackling of logs as the fire consumes it. We should meditate on it while we smell the smoke. Or, we can also light a candle and gaze into the transformational flame of it. We should permit ourselves to immerse in the energy of fire.

4. Earth element

This element is famous because of its grounding benefits. As it is the foundation of the other three elements, the earth is where the seeds of all things grow.

The earth is an element of stability and foundations of our bodies. It is the realm of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, growth, and strength.

As it is nurturing and fertile, the earth is also considered our mother that provides us shelter and nourishment.

How can we fully connect?

In order to feel the vitality and stability of the earth, we should press our hands against the fresh soil. For example, if we have access to a field, we can perform a sitting meditation.

We should simply sit on the ground and breathe deeply, and then we should imagine our energy reservoir as root which digs deeply into the earth. After that, we should allow this energy to nourish the root until we feel revitalized and calm.

One essential thing for our spirituality is to fully connect with the four elements. We are not supposed to do all this at once, but one at a time is going to be better. However, if we feel a huge need, then we can do all of them at once, and they may help us.

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