How to Create Your Steampunk Persona

How to Create Your Steampunk Persona

You want to be steampunk?

In three words, steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction.

"Steam" refers to the cutting edge technology of the Victorian period: steam power. "Punk" has nothing to do with music, but attitude.

Gears, cogs, brass, copper, goggles, elaborate weaponry, the color brown. All these things are the typical elements of steampunk, though one could be perfectly steampunk without incorporating any of them.

How to Be an awesome Steampunk?

Here you go.

First, Look around for some inspiring ideas. The most important thing in a story is, well, the story. You need to start looking for details. Have a draft of what exactly how you want to look. Do you want to wear a corset, a coat or leather armor? Think first with a broad imaginative idea in your mind, don't be too specific!

Take advantage of all social media platforms. Look into Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for the steamy look. These platforms will give you substantial amount of ideas.

Second, Shop and Match.

Most of the steam punk artists start from thrift stores, unless you have amazing sewing machine skills, thrift store is your new heaven. You can find incredible deals there, if you know how to look.When you're thrifting you have to keep an open mind, you can’t find what exactly your looking for in thrift store but instead you need to improvise. Look for potentials. You can also have an amazing finds on online shops. There are artists around the area who sell their preloved costumes. Also look into flea markets and garage sales. Sometimes these places sell super old stuff or costumes, tools, gears etc.

Lastly, Be creative.

We are all artists in our own way. Show off your artistry when you’re making your steampunk persona. You can modify and accessorize.  Steampunk, when you come right down to it, is the art of constantly evolving and adding more decoration.

Steam punk is a subculture.  It’s people taking the technology of today and putting it into Victorian times and playing around with the past. Our culture is searching for new ways of thinking about the current relationship with technology.

So lets get steamy!