Discover the Amazing, Hidden Secrets of Sounds & Vibrations

Discover the Amazing, Hidden Secrets of Sounds & Vibrations

Sounds and vibrations impact the Universe. Everything in the Universe is vibrational. And there are many ways to raise your frequency.

Watch this video and discover more about it! Sounds and frequencies have a profound impact upon us as well. 

This impact is felt by us whether the sound vibrations come to us in the form of tones, music or spoken words!

This is Level 5 Video 8 of the Project:Yourself Course:

According to Nada yoga, the science of sound, all vibrations connect human life, nature, and the Universe. Nada yoga meditates on becoming one with the vibration of the Universe. The union with sound teaches us that universal vibration is without beginning or end—reaching infinitely from before the Big Bang and into the never-ending future.

Scientists now tell us that the entire Universe and everything in it is vibrating.

Vibrations are sound. Sound is everywhere and connects everything in the Universe. A key to understanding this unity can be found in a branch of String Theory called M-Theory and an aspect of natural law known as the “Golden Spiral.”

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