Harnessing The Ancient Power Of Gemstones

Harnessing The Ancient Power Of Gemstones

“Shine bright like a diamond” may seem like catchy lyric, but wouldn’t you want to shine like a gemstone if you knew you could?

Along with their outer radiance, gemstones have a high vibrational energy that draws us into their mysterious magic. We wear them as jewelry, decorate our houses with them and some of us even carry them in our purses. The good news is that we can actually harness their glowing energyand use it on our skin in our everyday routines.

If you can’t relate to how gemstones might heal your skin and make you look better, think of a mineral spring soak. Laying in nature’s waters while your skin soaks up the rich minerals leaves you rejuvenated and your complexion silky smooth. Since most of us don’t have the time to venture deep into the mountains, we can incorporate gemstones into our skin care for the same effects.

Like most natural beauty techniques, gemstones have been around for centuries. Even Cleopatra was well aware of the subtly seductive nature of gems and their skin-healing properties (she was said to use pure gold in facials and crush lapis lazuli as eye shadow).

Each gemstone has its own unique healing properties that benefit different skin types. The funny thing about gemstones is that our intuition and their vibration draw us to certain ones, so the imbalance your body feels usually leads you straight to the stone you most need.

For example, moonstone essence is known to give a youthful glow that goes beyond the surface of your skin. It also balance our yin and yang energies, or the male and female facets of our bodies. This dramatically helped to heal my skin and hormonal acne. Using a cream with moonstone essence halts my monthly blemish crisis and even helped me wean off harsh, anti-breakout chemicals.

Another gemstone close to my heart (and bedside) is ruby. Last year I was experiencing more environmental and emotional pollution than I was used to. Coupled with a not-so-fabulous diet, my skin immediately let me know it was unhappy by breaking out into deep, infectious pimples.

I’d never seen my skin acting this way and wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew ruby was a gemstone with the ability to strengthen the heart, boost blood circulation, and cleanse the blood and lymphatic system of toxins too.

To clear what I felt was my overloaded and toxin-filled skin, I began to use a ruby cream at night. It only took a few days before my skin started to clear up — it was essentially being cleansed and nourished by the ruby essence.

More than just physical, gemstones also work on our emotional and energy body. They balance our chakras, helping us feel happy and whole.

Why is this important when it comes to skin care? Well, when we’re at our happiest and healthiest, it’s reflected on the outside. We look our best.

Gemstone essence is a great tool to help us balance ourselves and help our inner radiance shine out.

Gemstones hold energy that although unseen, is felt. They have a special talent for picking up other vibrations from their surroundings. So to be sure you’re receiving an intentional product that will have a positive effect on you and your skin, it’s important to know and trust your sources.

Gemstone essences are also most effective when combined with other high vibrational ingredients. Putting your whole grain, sprouted veggie patty on a highly processed and preservative-laden bun would totally take away from the goodness of it all. So with your skin care, look for gem-infused products made from clean, unrefined and organic ingredients.

When it comes to beauty products, most of us are used to thinking in terms of botanicals. But now we can expand our minds and bathroom cabinets to include another one of Mother Nature’s wonders! Gemstones work their magic on our skin and go even deeper to beautify us from within. They leave us looking and feeling like our best, most radiant selves. Glow on!

Sara is the Chief Sorceress and co-creator at Gemstone Organic, a Los Angeles-based skin care brand changing the way we see and heal our bodies.