Be Guided Through the Eyes of Your Inner Child

Be Guided Through the Eyes of Your Inner Child

Here’s a guided meditation for your inner child

Have fun with your inner child visualization!



Recently, I found my daughter seeking attention from me, more so than before, since the birth of her brother. In one of the sad moments she had, I went to her and asked her why she was screaming for me when she knew I was nursing her brother. She looked at me and said, “because I wanted you.”

And it was that simple. Images of my inner child flooded to me, when I craved my immigrant and full time working mother’s attention. She had no choice but to work and while I work too, our flexible schedule allows for me to have moments with both kids, that allow for me to pause and think of what my daughter needed.

If I hadn’t healed my own inner child through guidance, meditation and self-inquiry, I wouldn’t be able to recognize what she felt through her own lens. I hugged her and she came with me then so I could finish feeding my son. Later, we went back to her room so I could tuck her into bed.

She was happy, that’s all she wanted.

It’s so crucial and it’s never too late to visit this place inside, where that little girl or boy resides, and love him or her the way you know matters.

I hope you take a moment to go through this guided meditation to send light to your inner child.

With light and love,

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