Your Gift To Yourself During The Holidays

Your Gift To Yourself During The Holidays

Happy Holidays!

 Another year has passed and here we are amidst the joy and chaos that this time of year brings around. The holiday season usually symbolizes warmth, happiness and a true infectious spirit of giving and of gratitude…and lots of emotions.

There’s excitement about the holidays and new beginnings of the new year. But there is also this darker emotion, of anxiety over fears for the future.

This is most harming since anxiety accounts for nearly 70% of the root causes of our illnesses and diseases.

So the next time you start to feel wound up inside, remember that the emotional stress on our mind and body is simply not worth it.

It may be easier said than done to keep these feelings in balance, but take mindful moments to remember your inner light and meditate on the positive.

By doing this, you simply offer yourself a gift of presence amongst the many gifts this time of year brings. 

Celebrate the goodness of the now, projectors.

Happy holidays!