Getting a moment of peace

Getting a moment of peace

Have you ever questioned the world and its existence? Ever wondered why things turn out the way they do? Of course you have, we all do. Life is a series of questions, and when we don’t get those questions answered, we tend to ask more. It’s an endless loop, and sometimes we get caught up on it.

Negativity stems from all the unanswered questions, as humans we are wired to do something to reach a specific goal, but when the objective isn’t clear we question even our own existence.

In ancient cultures, a stone is well known for its ability to expel negative thoughts, promote calmness, relieve depression and prevent hostility and anger. This stone is called Chalcedony.

The history of this ancient stone is so vast that its origins can be dated back to the Neolithic period. At 400 BC, Assyrians and Babylonians used this stone to make seals which were used to protect important documents. It has also been referenced in Celtic Mythology as the Stone of the Clyde River Goddess called Clota and in Greek Mythology as the stone of mother earth, the Gaia Goddess.

In ancient Rome, it is said that this stone helps improve the art of speech which is why Cicero, a lawyer and politician back in 63 BC wore one around his neck.

Perhaps the most notable characteristics of Chalcedony as we know it today came from the Amerindian tribes. They believed that as a sacred stone, Chalcedony was a symbol of inner peace and is often used to soothe the spirits; it was associated with the Goddess of Peace in the Lakota Sioux tribe.

Metaphysically, this stone is known to attract goodwill and kindness towards its wearer and melts away negativity. This is why it’s the perfect thing to have in times when things seem to be falling apart.

Getting a moment of peace in this loud and crazy world? The ancients knew how.

Flushing out negative thoughts is the only way to promote a positive outlook, let the ancients help you.

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