From The Ancient World To Jurassic Park

From The Ancient World To Jurassic Park


You probably remember the movie Jurassic Park as a kid. We all do. 25 years ago, we sat in theaters in awe at the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, eating popcorn and dreaming about being part of the mysterious land of Dinos.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most famous and notable dinosaurs, the movie and in the ancient world. It is a type of theropod dinosaur, characterized by hollow bones and three-toed limbs. Many fossils of the Tyrannosaurus have been found allowing scientists to learn more about how big it was, how it hunted, and how it lived?

How big were they?

They were one of the largest of the land predator dinosaurs. They measured up to 43 feet long and weighed as much as 7.5 tons. They are often used in movie and films such as the Jurassic Park due to its size and overall fearsome image.

How did they walk?

They were a bipedal dinosaur. This means that they walked and ran on two legs. These two legs were large and strong to carry the immense weight of the dinosaur. In contrast, the arms of the T-rex were relatively small.

One of the most fearsome aspects of the Tyrannosaurus is its massive skull and large teeth. T-rex skulls have been found that are as long as 5 feet! Other evidences shows that the Tyrannosaurus had a very powerful bite which, coupled with sharp teeth, could easily crush the bones of other dinosaurs.

What did they eat?

They ate meat from other animals and dinosaurs, however, there is much debate over whether the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a predator or whether it was a scavenger. Many scientists think that the dinosaur did both. A lot depends on how fast the dinosaur was. Some say the T-Rex was fast and could easily catch its own meals. Others say that the dinosaur was slow and would use its fearsome jaws to scare off other predators and take their skills.

Interesting T-Rex facts

  • The Tyrannosaurus had a life span of around 30 years.
  • Tyrannosaurus is from the Greek word meaning Tyrant Lizard.
  • They have many similar features to birds. One thought is that they were warm-blooded like birds, rather than cold-blooded like reptiles.
  • Their arms were too short to reach its mouth.
  • They lived in North America in river valleys and forests.
  • They could eat as much as 500 pounds of meat in a single bite.
  • The Chicago museum purchased the famous Tyrannosaurus Sue fossil for $8 million.
  • Their babies have been covered in feathers.

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Edited by Puja Shah, Source(s): wikipedia