Practice Forgiveness & Be Free of The Past

Practice Forgiveness & Be Free of The Past

Forgiveness can be tricky. But living in the past can hinder your present happiness. Holding on to hurt and pain will stop you from reaching the life you want.

By taking steps in self-forgiveness and forgiving others, your higher self will free you of negativity . . .  paving the way for a flood of positive energy!

Watch this video and discover how to start . . .


When we forgive, we recognize what it feels like to be at peace with ourselves and others. It is inevitable, in our humanness, to betray and/or hurt others—just as we will be knowingly or unknowingly harmed by others. Our loved ones, our community, our people may be wronged along the way.

To forgive does not mean we overlook or totally forget the misdeeds of another. But without forgiveness, the world can never be released from the sorrows of the past.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that—regardless of how challenging, frightening, or difficult an experience may seem—everything is just as it needs to be in order for us to grow and learn.

Extending and receiving forgiveness is essential for redemption from the past. When we forgive ourselves and others, we can turn dishonesty into trust, confusion into clarity, anger into compassion, . . . fear into love. When we focus on how things “should” be, we deny the presence and power of love.

The practice of forgiveness grows through repetition; and it can unlock the key to living a life of freedom. The potential for the human heart to open for compassion, connection, vision, wisdom, and love to grow is unbounded.

It is there in us . . . and one of the ways to open the heart is through forgiveness.

Accept the events of the past, while being willing to change your perspective on them.

What do you do when you feel weighed down by toxic thoughts and emotions? Are you quick to judge and slow to pardon? Are you self-righteous about your feelings? Do you dwell on memories of what we or others did (or failed to do)?

As Projectors, we give forgiveness our attention and intention. And when we do, we notice a distinct lightness unlike any other; a profound feeling of peace.

We need to forgive in order to live in harmony with others. It’s a spiritual act which releases yourself and others from housing pain and suffering.

The practice of forgiveness moves beyond anger and resentment. Forgiveness is one of the noblest among all virtues. It is very important for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We challenge you to liberate yourself from the wounds of the past and embrace the power of forgiveness.

We have to forgive others not for what they have done, but for who they are— only human.