For Stress Reduction, Meditate!

For Stress Reduction, Meditate!

Meditation is a specialist in reducing stress and serving you the inner peace.

The stress will make us anxious, tense, and worried. Because of these reasons, you need to start with the meditation practice, and you will see and notice the relief. The best thing in mediation is that you can meditate wherever you are.

Understanding meditation

In the past, thousands of years ago, mediation was present. Ancient people meditated to help deepen the understating of the sacred and mystical forces of life.

But, nowadays, people don’t use mediation for those purposes, but to eliminate of stress and anxiety.

While this process, the body conjoins the mind and body and brings your organism in a relaxed situation and a tranquil mind.

A state of tranquility can be reached if you meditate, and eliminate all those evil and negative thoughts that run through your mind. Once you do the first meditation, you will notice the difference.

Benefits of meditation

You will have calm, peace, and balance in your life. With these three conditions in your life, you will have a better emotional life and better health.

Meditation and emotional well-being

If you meditate, you will clear and eliminate all those thoughts in your mind that contribute to increased stress and anxiety.

Further, we present you the benefits of meditation:

  • Having a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Creating new managing skills for reducing stress
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Focus on the present
  • Eliminating the negative emotions
  • Enhancing imagination and creativity
  • Increasing patience and tolerance
  • Meditation and illness

Furthermore, you can use meditation to improve your medical condition, especially the one which can be worsened by stress.

Many experts claim that maybe meditation cannot cure you, but for sure, it can help you to manage the symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Hearth Disease
  • High Blood pressure
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sleep problems
  • Tension headaches

Bear in mind that you cannot use meditation as a replacement for medical treatment, it is just an additional help for better function of the organism.

Types of meditation

If you want to reach a relaxed condition, start practicing meditation. But, there are different problems in the world, and there are different types of meditation.

They will all achieve one goal: an inner peace; but they all use different techniques and different methods.

Below, we will explain to you what kinds of meditations in the world exist, and for what to use them.

Guided meditation: This is also known as guided imagery or visualization. It is the method of meditation that will create mental images of some places and situations that for you are relaxing.

During this meditation, you must try as hard as you can to use as much as the senses you have. Use the senses of smell, sight, sound, and texture. For his purpose, you can start with a teacher, facilitator, or a guide.

Mantra meditation: For this kind of meditation, you need to keep on repeating one-word several times. With this mantra, you will prevent negative and distractive thoughts to enter your mind.

Mindfulness meditation: The basis of this meditation is on being mindful, or to increase the awareness and to accept and embrace the present moment, and try to live in it.

With this process, you will broaden the self-awareness. For example, you will be focused on the breath flow. Also, the practitioner will learn how to observe their mind, to see all the thoughts and emotions, and not to judge them.


Transcendental Meditation: This meditation is based on a natural and straightforward technique. You just have to repeat your mantra, like a word, sound, or phrase.

This kind of meditation will provide your body to be in a profound rest. The mind will get a state of inner peace.

Yoga: During this type of practice, you will make a series of postures, and you will learn how to control the breathing process.

With these practices, you will be more flexible and along with a calm mind.

Some of the most common features in meditation include:

1. Focused attention.

Attention is the most crucial element of every meditation.

You must focus on entering in meditation and that to be an effective one. The best thing that you should focus on is an object, an image, a mantra, or even on your breathing.

2. Relaxed breathing.

This kind of breathing involves deep, even-paced breath with your diaphragm. The goal is to make your breathing slower, collect as much oxygen as you can, and rest your shoulders.

3. A quiet setting.

If you are in the beginning stage, you need to practice meditation in a quiet place, where no one can distract you.

Later, when you are a professional in meditation, you can meditate wherever you want. People who practice meditation more extended period need to meditate and to eliminate the stress.

4. A comfortable position

When you practice meditation, no matter if you practice it sitting, standing, lying down, or walking, you must be comfortable.

It is the primary condition so that you can start with the meditation. When you are in a comfortable position, you will get the best from the meditation process.

5. Open attitude.

An open attitude is crucial because you must learn how to observe your mind without judgment.

It depends on you, whether the meditation will be formal, or informal, as you like it. Many people start their reflection as a routine, for example, an hour per day. But only a couple of quality minutes are enough for active meditation.

Furthermore, we present to you some advice for improved mediation on your own, without a trainer.

1. Breathe deeply.

Breathing is vital in every meditation. For beginners, this will be good, because it is a natural function.

You need to keep your focus on the breathing process and inhale and exhale through your nose. Do this process slowly and deeply. If you lose the attention from your nose, take it back there.

2. Scan your body.

For this purpose, people need to focus on different and various parts of the body. During this exercise, you will be aware of the different sensations like pain, tension, warmth, and relaxation.

A perfect combination is this technique with the breathing practice.

3. Repeat a mantra.

You must invent your mantra, and it shouldn't be a copy. 

4. Walk and meditate.

Many people practice this type of meditation. It is a perfect way to reach a state of relaxation. The best place for this process is in some forest, some quiet sidewalk, and at the mall.

For this purpose, you can sit down, or if you are walking, you need to focus on the movement of your legs. The destination is not essential, but it is necessary to repeat the action words in your mind. The words that you should repeat are lifting, moving, placing.

5. Engage in Prayer.

The best and the most commonly used example of meditation is Prayer. You can find them both in spoken and in written form.

The Prayer can be used according to a specific written prayer, or the one made with your own words.

6. Read and reflect

As we receive feedback, we can tell you that a lot of people use the process of reading poems or sacred texts.

Another way for better meditation is sacred music, spoken words, and music that is relaxing and inspiring.

7. Focus your love and gratitude

During this type of meditation, you need to pay attention to the sacred image, weaving feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude. You have to close your eyes and let your imagination lead you.

Building your meditation skills

You shouldn’t judge your meditating skills, because it will enhance your stress.

Bear in mind that when you meditate, you must expect questions and wanders. In this situation, you need to put your attention on the object and the sensation that you are focused on.

After several practices, you will see which type of meditation suits you the best.

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